Question 3070 TUF Edition shutting down on full load

Mar 14, 2023
Not too long ago I purchased a used zotac 3070 and whenever I played certain games with it, it would shut off (only the gpu) whenever it was under full load and reached 77-80 degrees celcius. I thought it was probably a defective card so I purchased a 3070 Asus TUF edition and to my surprise I'm facing the same issue. I did some research and realized that perhaps my PSU was the culprit since it's only a 600w psu and the minimum for a 3070 is 650. I purchased a CORSAIR RM750E last night and low and behold the issue persist. It only happens with certain games like flight simulator and Fifa 23 to be precise but I'm sure the temp isn't the reason it's shutting down since 80 degrees should be bearable for this card. I had the pc connected to a UPS and thought that maybe that was limiting the power so I connected it directly to the outlet on the wall and it's still happening. Not sure what to do. I must mention that the only way around the issue right now is to limit the framerate in flight simulator so the gpu doesn't get taxed.

Mar 14, 2023
Have you gone to event viewer to see any error codes and have you checked to see if anything is overheating like CPU.

Also Have you used DDU in safe mode to clean drivers ready for new GPU

The cpu seems to be fine and temps are pretty low. It doesn't really pass 60 degrees. The pc doesn't shutdown, just the gpu. Event viewer doesn't show anything, but the reliability history tool does show "hardware error" for every time the issue has occurred.


Jan 26, 2016
1 Check gpu cables
2 reseat gpu
3 clean gpu slot
4 check all other cables on psu and mobo
5 check mobo capacitors
6 maybe first use ddu to clean gpu drivers in safe mode and make clean install

Keep us updated. Good luck mate.
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