4.0 gHz on air - ? re: temps


May 21, 2008
Just built and oc'd a new system - so far orthos stable X 1 hours, will be running orthos overnight tonight to be sure.

E8500 @ 4.0 gHz with FSB 421 X 9.5. vcore set at 1.425, with vdroop runs at 1.4 idle and 1.36 full load per cpuz. G.Skill DDR2 800 2X2 gigs RAM is oc'd slightly to 834 with voltage 2.1 (stock 1.9). Stock timings 5-5-5-15. All other voltages are stock.

Rest of system: Asus Rampage MB, Xigmatech HDT-S1283 CPU cooler

According to Real Temp, idle core temps are 37-39C, full load on orthos 60-63C. Distance to TJ Max is around 32 at full load.

Though those temps at load are a bit more than I normally like, from what I read as long as Distance to TJ Max is greater than 25, the chip should be fine. Is this correct?

Overall, does the above look like a good oc? Any concerns?