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  1. R

    Question Alienware X51 R2 & GTX 1060 Cable

    Hello, I got a GTX 1060 from my brother. I tried to fitit into my Alienware X51 R2. It fits in the rack and all but if I plug the 6-pin PCI Express then it does not fit. The cable create a little bump that is too big for the card to then slide in. Are there an 6-pin PCI Express cables that...
  2. A

    Question Does using a 6 pin power cable makes Pci express idle?

    hello guys i want to know when i'm using 6 pin power connector, does this extra power is added to what is the limits of Pci express OR 6 pin would supply all the power that card needs altogether?
  3. S

    Question External hard drive enclosure

    Yes I got a 256 gig mush kin tractor and a 1t hard drive i took from my laptop because i put a Samson evo pro 500gig in placed that into my laptop i got a 2 terabyte external hard drive with the EVO. But i want to use the other two drives what is a good hard drive enclosure to buy brand name My...
  4. L

    Question Can I get a recommendation for a new psu please?

    Hi there, I’ve been bundling together a gaming pc which consists of: Intel Core i7-4790K, 2X8GB Corsair Vengeance RAM@1600mhz Asus Rog Strix 1080 ti, Gigabyte-GA-H81M-S2H (this will be eventually upgraded to Asus 7 Hero) Cryorig H7 Plus cpu cooler, 120GB SSD, 1TB HDD, Super writemaster multi DVD...
  5. W

    Question My PC turn on but no display

    hello guys , i have a problem : my pc turn on but no display on the monitor i was playing fortnite a bit then suddenly my pc shut down then restart itself ( it wasn't the electricity ) after that i tried to restart it again and again but no display on the screen all the fans ( including...
  6. M

    Question Does This Mobo support i7 8700k?

    Hello, i have mobo MS-B10611 and I was wondering if it supports i7 8700k or i7 7700k. Thanks
  7. P

    Question No Online Games Are Working Properly! PLEASE HELP!

    So recently I began having this issue. Online games either have horrid packet loss and connections to server or will simply not maintain a connection to the server at all and kick me. All other internet features are fine (ie: how I am able to type this right now. Websites work fine). All of my...
  8. sirdariush

    Question Logitech g432 or HyperX Cloud II

    Wanna know your opinion
  9. L

    Question First Draft: I need advice on making my 1440p 144hz gaming build

    This is the first draft of my second build and I was looking for advice on the parts that I have chosen: Case = Lian-Li - PC-O11 Dynamic (White) ATX Full Tower Case GPU = Asus - GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11 GB STRIX GAMING Video Card Motherboard = Asus - ROG STRIX Z390-E GAMING ATX LGA1151 SSD =...
  10. M

    Question GTX 1060 3gb: constant stuttering and frame drops

    Hi, So i built my mid-range gaming PC about a month ago for quite a bit of money and used some of the best reviewed components on the market for the price. However, lately on many games I have experienced A LOT of stuttering and constant frame drops on some of the more demanding games (The...
  11. F

    Question Upgrading pc

    Hi.i want to upgrade my pc.this is my pc config: Core i5 4460 Asus b85 vanguard Asus rog strix gtx 1050 ti 3×4 gig ddr3 ram So should i change my cpu,motherboard and ram first or change my graphic card.(I use this pc just for gaming and the cpu and motherboard that i want to buy is i5 8400 and...
  12. I

    Question Low usage GPU, high usage CPU, CS:GO bottleneck ?

    Hello guys, i was just wondering if someone can help me out with especially that question : when i play CS:GO my CPU usage is around 60-90% but my GPU usage is around 15-30% is that normal ? or is my cpu bottleneck my gpu? It is kinda when i get into fight or see more ppl/nades drops fps...
  13. i try and budget

    Question Shadowplay videos freezing/laggy/stuttering???

    Hello everyone. This honestly has me really frustrated I have so many recordings just like little one minutes clips of my highlights and the videos are coming out very laggy especially at the "best" part this is ridiculous.. I have a gtx 960ssc fully updated with an I7 cpu and 12gb of ram. And...
  14. D

    Question System upgrade advice

    Looking for new mobo, cpu, ram as last cpu and mobo died + ram is ddr3 so I want ddr4, was looking at 16gb ram Corsair vengeance lpm 16gb, and ryzen 2600(people recommend i3 8100 but not sure )and msi x470gplus I have a 1050ti but want to leave some room to upgrade that gpu in future:) thanks...
  15. B

    Question Sending Audio To Stream PC?

    So I have a laptop I wanted to use as a stream pc but Im starting to think thats not possible. NDI Isnt an option as I cant have a wired connection because of where I have to set up. How can I do this?
  16. H

    [SOLVED] HDD is not detected on cold boot. Works after restarting system.

    Hello, I upgraded my PC and have following problem. My HDD is not being detected on cold boot. I always have to restart (reset button, because Software/Windows doesn't respond somehow) my PC, and then it work's fine. The SSD works without any problems. The tool's icons which are installed on my...
  17. gdmaclew

    Question Questions about WiFi Extenders

    I purchased a WiFi Extender (Wavlink) https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B0778PM5GR/ref=pe_3034960_233709270_TE_item It seems to be working to get a signal to my Backup Generator located about 65 feet from my Wireless ZTE Router and about 30 feet from the Extender. The generator has a built-in WiFi...
  18. Z


    I used driver booster and i dont know what it did but when it was done my sound is really distorted and just bad all around i tryed to rollback my realtek sound driver and that didnt work i dont know what it changed
  19. D

    Question GTX 1080ti Gaming OC 11gb - Benchmark question

    Hi there, recently bought a used Gigabyte 1080TI Gaming OC 11gb card on a local Brazilian "amazon" (called mercado livre) and I would like to know if I should be worried considering performance on a few games I have tested.. or any other red flags related to performance that I should be aware...
  20. K

    Question fan issues

    Hello, I have issues with my CPU fan. When i turn on my CPU, it shows correctly "Windows Loading" then gets NO SIGNAL on screen and my CPU fan starts to spin fast. Then, I click on the reset button on my CPU to start back again my CPU, it shows to "Start Windows Normally" then it works fine...