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    What is the best gpu for my cpu for 1080p resolution

    As title says what is the best gpu for my cpu for 1080p res at ultra settings and above 60 fps my specs are i7 3770 16 gb of ram 500 gb ssd h61m-p20 motherboard Asus VG278Q freesync monitor that suports gsync with latest drivers from nvidia
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    Tape to secure hard drive in bay and wiring ?

    I have some heavy duty clear scotch tape on my hard drive on the bottom part of my hard drive cage. Doesn’t move at all in all positions of how the case is. It’s flat onto the bottom and my wiring is taped up to the sides and ceiling of my case ( sata cables, cpu cable, unused hard drive power...
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    [SOLVED] 1070 TI or 2060 ?

    Hello, I want to upgrade my 1050 TI , but i don't know what should I buy between a 1070 TI or 2060 or anything else that's worth the upgrade. I originally wanted to go for the 1070 TI but I am unsure. Thank you.
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    Mobo upgrade needed or not

    I have a HP 18e4 mobo matx so iwant to know that RTX 2060 will be supported?? Plus An Atx psu 500 watt is also needed will it support my mobo?? And will the mobo fot in atx case Pc 600g1 hp elite desk
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    Gpu randomly cooled itself

    I was doing a stability test whit AIDA64 Extreme. It was all good for an hour when randomly my gpu temp went from 67 to 42 in less than 1 minutes. What happened? Pc rebooting while playing lo and/or recording,could this be the cause?
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    FPS low no matter the quality

    Seemingly out of random and for no known reason my fps in every game just dropped. It will hover around 30 to 40 fps no matter what the quality is. I also did use a benchmark to confirm that no matter the quality settings the fps remained the same. I did check task manager to see if anything was...
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    3 dead gigabyte ultra gamings (August- February)

    So I’m kind of frustrated, I recently built my first computer over the summer, and within the first couple months my gigabyte board had died out, so I took it back to micro center and they were happy to replace it after I paid to have diagnosed. It was confirmed a bad motherboard. I thought that...
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    [SOLVED] Is it possible to overclock

    Is it possbile to overclock AMD A6 9220?
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    [SOLVED] Netflix in 4K doesn't seem to work.

    I just bought myself a new 4K monitor and was very excited to watch some netflix in 4K. After trying some series, I noticed that it doesn't really seem to be 4K and when I click on a movie it just says HD and not UHD/4K. I've done some research on why it doesn't work and I should have everything...
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    PC will not pick up external audio!!!

    my pc only picks up audio from the monitor, and ive tried updating all drivers, reinstalling them, even resetting my computer did nothing. It’s an MSI nightblade mi3 please help me! they wont even be picked up in the device manager or in the audii devices! theres only the acer nvidia output and...
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    SSD lifespan vs HDD

    I am about to build a budget gaming/work computer, But I heard the SSD has lower read write cycles and they don't last very long. i will have a M.2 ssd 240gb ssd for windows, word and chrome and also a few games. But i read a thread here that games where 5 Gb worth of files are transfered, the...
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    [SOLVED] home built intel i7 7800 will not boot

    I have just put together new machine Intel i7 8700 and Asrock H370 Pro4 M/B ,16 gig of 2666 ram .Must have something wrong as when I start it up ,it goes for a few seconds and stops and then self starts again in an endless cycle. All the fans power on including the CPU fan .I only have a 4 pin...
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    [SOLVED] Computer runs for few minutes before stops responding

    As title says, computer boots fine and runs things for few minutes before programs stop responding. Program don't freeze unless they have to load something new, for example I can continue to watch a video as long as I start it before the freeze. Can scroll through an Internet page but not load a...
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    [SOLVED] Noctua NH-U9B SE2 vs Arctic Cooling Freezer Xtreme

    Hi! I am looking for a cpu cooler and i was windering which one if the components above is better. Ty
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    Best GPU(S) for 1440 Ultrawide

    Hello all, I’m going to be building a new gaming rig this year and plan on moving to a 1440p ultrawide monitor at 144hz. I’m having some tough time trying to figure out the GPU route to take. I’m currently stuck between 2 2080’s in SLI or a single 2080ti. I cannot seem to find any benchmarks...
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    [SOLVED] 2070 is overkill????

    Why do people say that a 2070 is overkill for 1080p 144 hz max settings but a 1080 isnt???? Where I live the 2070 is cheaper so should I go for that?
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    Not sure which motherboard

    This is my build: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/kgRGgw I am not sure which motherboard is best, lost in all those z370 and z390. Also if you could o incompatibilities or bottlenecks? This PC is mainly for gaming and working. OC is very possible, hopefully all components are capable...
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    Z390-E constant yellow DRAM light

    Hi! I just put together my new build but it will not power on. When powering the PC the mobo (z390-e) red CPU light flickers on, then off. Right after the yellow DRAM light is consistently on. I've tried moving around the ram, using only one slot, two slots etc. I've also taken out the GPU. Any...
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    [SOLVED] CPU for next 4-6 years

    It is time to upgrade but can`t really chose the cpu. Now I have the I5 4690k cpu. I see the current benchs for the I7 4790k, and I think I should have bought it instead if I5. I have a gainward gtx 1070 phoenix gs that will stay. Also I game at 1080p@60hz. So, I mainly game and very seldom I...
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    [SOLVED] streaming and gaming on one pc

    hello, so i would like to stream my games but the problem i found was when i was wathing my own stream from my phone or just on the pc i saw a big delay and lag . so my qeustion is can my pc handle it ? if so then i'm doing something wrong so i need to check that. i'm trying to stream and...
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    [SOLVED] Rearanging HDD setup (removing raid1 and making image to a third drive).

    Hi, I've got a problem deleting a raid 1 on my lenovo thinkstation. Here's what I want to do and did so far: 1- I've got 2x 1 tb harddrive in raid1 so deleting one of them and boot to the remaining one. So far went trough the crtl-i part deleted (turned the raid on the 2nd drive to none-raid)...
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    Windows 10 system crashing after clean install

    My pc is turning off abruptly. When starting up the computer does not seem to recognise that last time it turned off improperly. The issue started after I clean installed windows 10. I did so as I initially had an issue when my mic wasn't connecting to my pc correctly and attempts to solve this...
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    There is no hard drive installed in my Acer aspire es 11

    I want a hard drive
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    What is the graphics card on an Acer aspire 6 with a core i7 processor

    What is the graphics card on an acer aspire 6 (that is not the acer aspire e15 or e5!!)
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    Stuttering in all games with decent system

    So basically i am having this issue where every game i play is having stuttering, some more than others. I have been going through multiple threads and sites following tutorials but nothing has worked. Accoriding to MSI afterburner the frametime jumps up to 400-500 constantly, so the frametime...
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    [SOLVED] 144Hz and G sync problem

    hi i just bought LG 34UC79G-B 34'' LED IPS its comeing with g sync , i had to cus of my laptop zepyhrus M thats comeing with gtx 1070 thats supports 144 hz to . so the question is how do i connect my laptop this this monitor . the laptop got only hdmi imput and thunderbolt 3 . i wann to run the...
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    Good program to test hdd/ssd?

    The title says it all. I just want to do a performance test and make sure my hdd/ssd are good.
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    [SOLVED] New RTX2060 - Need to Upgrade

    I'm looking to upgrade my platform to better support the RTX2060 that I received as a gift. I'd love to get your guy's opinion/suggestions on CPU (Intel), MOBO and RAM. Budget is around $500. I do like the i5-9600k or the i5-8600k CPUs, but not sure if my budget will allow it. My current...
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    Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro odd cold boot behaviour

    I currently have the board above and when booted from cold it powers on with no post for about 10 seconds then powers down then on with post. Is this normal Behaviour? I have just been on the phone to Gigabyte and they tried it with an aorus master but it didn't behave the same. is this normal...
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    [SOLVED] No device works after updating ASUS bios, including display

    After trying to update my BIOS driver to the nost recent one using ASUS EZ flash 3, the computer rebooted, and no device works anymore (no monitors, keyboard, mouse, etc) The pc boots, the fans are spinning, the gpu seems to be working. I tried to backtrack the update using the ASUS CrashFree...
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    Upgrading cooler for my new cpu

    So I have a terrible PC specialist vortex i3 gtx 960. Its done me well over time but recently I ordered a new i7 6700k. Its compatible with the board but what didn't dawn on me was the possibility I need a fan upgrade, it has the stock cooler that came with the i3 3.7ghz. I've seen around that...
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    [SOLVED] Half dead subpixel or dirt?

    I could swear that there was nothing the first few days but this had appeared after a day or so of use. In any case the monitor is brand new (Acer Predator XB271HA), and this is driving me crazy :( Any suggestions with it could be and if it's fixable? I've tried the suction cup technique with...
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    How do I connect with my iMac desktop?

    I have followed all of the steps up to "tap Go on the menu bar". My computer does not have this option. How do I finish the process?
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    How to reinstall windows 10

    My Dell Inspiron N5010 shots off right after windows 10 boots up. Please help me to resolve this problem?
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    Factory Resetting Acer Predator G9-739

    My question here is, If I use Windows Media Creation to factory reset the Acer Predator, would the features (Acer and Predatorsense) still be there after I factory reset my laptop back to normal. Because I've spent $1,750 on this gaming laptop and I hate for it to break on me again. Hopefully...
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    H170 not compatible with ram DDR4 3000mhz

    Noob here, I have people saying very different things so im going to try to ask this one myself. I have a Lenovo Y720 ideacentre cube, gtx 1070 8gb, i7 7700, Samsung 8gb (M378A1K43CB2-CRC) ram. Full specs here: http:// And i just ordered a Ballistix Sport LT DDR4 3000MHz 16GB (2x8) http://...
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    [SOLVED] Upgrading ram from 8 GB (2 slots of 4GB) to 32 RAM

    I'm using the Samsung Series 9 NP900X4C-A01US and I would like to upgrade my memory. The current is (4 GB X 2) and I think to update it to (8 GB X 2) or (8 GB + 16 GB) or (16 GB X 2). How do I know which one will support my computer. When I surf the Intel website I saw that my Intel® Core™...
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    Budget PC build ?

    Hi guys, could I get some opinions on this build, its not final since im currently into some light gaming. Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2400g (with integrated graphics wich are currently running, after some will upgrade to a better cpu) Graphics card: XFX RX 580 8GB GTS XXX (i have a plan on buying...
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    I upgraded my gpu but there is no improvement

    I upgraded from a 1050 to a rx580 and i tried a couple games and there wasnt much improvement. Motherboard - msi b250m vd pro Psu - evga 430w Cpu - Pentium g4560 Ram - 2x4gb
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    [SOLVED] PSU Braided Cables Recommendations??

    I have a Seasonic PSU and im looking for some WHITE braided individually sleeved cable replacements (Para cord looking type) Hopefully a set with everything in so i can pick what i need. Model: PRIME 750 Gold (SSR-750GD Active PFC F3) I did find these ones...