4890 heat issue


Jul 19, 2010
Hello i recently had a new mobo/cpu/ram and my 4890 is at x16 mode (used to be x4), the vrm/ram used to hit 79c before but now when i play crysis 2 on hardcore setting they go to 97c and i turn it off because im scared of damaging it. i was gonna buy an arctic cooler or something but they say to leave the original vrm cooler on but whats the point of that when the vrm temp is higher than all the others? i found a vrm cooler by zalman called rhs90 but it doesnt fit my card.
heres some pictures of my card taken apart: http://s1117.photobucket.com/albums/k592/soiftybemnf/
what would you reccomend i do? (i prefer buying the budget coolers like arctic cooling)

athlon ii x3 450 3.2ghz (AC freezer 13 cooler)
asus m4a78lt-m-le
2gb ddr3 1333 kingston valueram
4890 vtx3d ATI AIB??
be quiet 530w


Sep 15, 2011
1st it normal to reach high temperature like that just use msi afterburner and increase the fan speed it will be loud but temperature might reach 75 max ...
2nd your gpu might not having good contact with the heat sink
3rd crysis will stress your card to max it can so when playing for more than 1 hour at a stretch it will get very hot .... ( also cheap vga cards manufacture for developing country also have problems with heat normally so when buying buy good brand ones like asus, which are expensive)