Question 5700 xt stuttering?


Jan 27, 2014
I have massive stuttering in most games which seems to be random in nature. Watching the fps in most games it will fluctuate from 3-5 fps all the way to 30-50 fps in drops from 120 fps which is what my display runs at. It happens very fast but it's very jarring and noticeable and makes the gameplay not smooth at all.

I know the 5700 xt has a history of poor drivers resulting in many crashes and bugs. But the problem I have been facing with the 5700 xt is massive stuttering. So I'm wondering if anybody else has had experience with pretty much what happens in this video.....

I've spent all weekend trying to figure out what would cause it with no luck..... Am I expecting to much or is this normal behavior for these gpus?

I've tried every fix I could find I reinstalled windows, ran everything at stock with no overclocks, turned off freesync and vsync, switched PSU for a new one, reinstalled drivers starting with the first one released making my way up to the newest one and I used both DDU and AMD Utility in safe mode for each one, I disabled game mode on windows 10, tried both 1080p, 1440p and 4k at different refresh rates I locked the framerate at 60 fps still does it, I undervolted the card and underclocked it, watch the temps on both card and gpu they never go over 74 on the gpu.......

So I swap 5700 xt with my old RX 580 and everything runs fine with very little stutter..... Is my CPU a bottleneck?

5700 xt MSI OC Mech
Asus Z170-A Motherboard
i7-6700k tried both stock and overclocked to 4.6 ghz
G. Skill 2 x 8 gigs Ram @ 3000 mhz
Rosewill Hive 750S PSU
Sandisk 500 gb internal ssd (Os Drive)
Seagate 2 tb firecuda solid state hybrid drive (Game Drive)
Display Samsung UN55NU8000 with freesync enabled
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Nov 28, 2015
the msi oc mech isnt a good lineup of the msi gpus because their cooling design is poor. Anyway, try updating your windows 10 and after that, install the latest amd drivers.