Question 60fps/60hz vs 60fps/144hz

60fps/60hz vs 60fps/144hz

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Apr 6, 2020
I've been doing a bit of research and found out that having more than 60 fps in a 60 Hz monitor is actually better since it reduces input lag. However, I wanted to know if having 60fps/60hz is the same as having 60fps/144hz ?

I've done some research and I've been really confused as some people said there is a small difference while others say nothing changes at all. I am aware that to fully see a difference in this case I would need to have 144 fps but I would like to know if there is a still minor difference by having a more refreshed monitor ?


Higher FPS reduces input lag in the sense that the data on the screen is more up date at any given moment.

If 60FPS is all that is achieved then the input lag is identical. Your first case involves running a 60hz screen at MORE than 60FPS. The advantage of the 144hz screen at that point is that it can display more of those whole frames, whereas the 60hz panel will draw say half a frame before the buffer is replaced. So while the computer is creating the data, it won't all be displayed.

Your typical 144hz monitor probably does have better input lag in general than a 60hz panel, but that is a little different. How fast a signal can propagate through the monitor and effect a change. Faster LCD panels are faster at changing color, but the scalar and other circuitry are also involved in making that happen.
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144 Hz monitors tend to have better response times and reduced display processing in order to make the 144 Hz actually matter. So the input lag is generally shorter because of that. But theoretically if both monitors have the same specs outside of refresh rate, then it makes no difference. The 144 Hz may provide a slightly worse experience though due to screen tearing.
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