$625 TH build for Feb(slightly) modified,overclocking advice?


Nov 29, 2008
I recently built a computer almost identical to the $625 TH build. However, i managed to do some upgrades and still fell within the budget which was almost identical to mine. The changed items are as follows, ASRock P45XE LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel MB with a e5200,ZALMAN CNPS9500 AT 2 Ball CPU Cooling fan/heatsink(supposedly one of the best out there), arctic silver 5, 4 gigs of corsair extreme performance ddr2 - 1066 mhz, and i got a good deal on a brand new antec 300 and added 3 120mm high performance intake case fans in addition to the 2 stock antec exhaust 120's. I have a few questions about this setup, and i'm a first time OC'er to boot. Will i achieve quite a bit more performance with this rig fully oc'd over the TH build? Has anyone out there overclocked a rig similar to this and be willing to give a few tips? Anyone know of any good guides out there that would be somewhat similar to what i'd be trying to do here??? What's the first step i want to take? If you reply to this, thanks for your time i appreciate any help!