Question 6600 XT "Input Not Supported"

Feb 4, 2022
So last week I purchased a pre-built.
ASRock 550
Ryzen 5 5600
6600XT Hellhound

At first it was giving an input not supported message on my monitor with a black screen, but after a couple reboots it started working. I installed all the needed drivers for the system as well as the gpu drivers through the AMD software.
Today, it was consistently giving me the error and I was entirely unable to access my PC.
I swapped the gpu to my old one which was a 1050ti and everything is working fine.
Im trying to figure out how I can fix the output from the 6600 tho, for obvious reasons.
I've tried downloading drivers for it while using the older nvidia card but i get an error because its not currently running an AMD card.
Ive ruled out cables as being an issue, as well as ruled out faulty monitors being the culprit.
any advice would be greatly appreciated. I can give more info if needed, not really sure what all you would need


Aug 11, 2019
Can you try plugging the computer into a different display with the 6600XT installed as well as trying the original monitor but with a different connection cable? You could also try connecting to a different display.
Feb 4, 2022
it posts to windows based off of the color change on my keyboard. only changes to my preset when windows fully boots but black screen.
i dont even see the bios info before windows. just "input not supported"