Dec 31, 2012
Hi I am not sure if I should get the 7850 2gb or the 7870 2gb or maybe wait until the 8000 series is released, since I am about to start an intense semester at college I won't have much time to play anyways. I'm running a phenom 2 X6 1090t, not overclocked with 8gb ram at 1333 mhz. I want to play Skyrim, Fallout 3, new Vegas, the Witcher 2, etc and maybe BF3 with the best settings possible on one 1080p monitor. The 7850 is an MSI twin frozer 2gd5/OC and costs $165.00


The 7870 is about $220-230


Will I benefit much from the 7870 running a monitor with 60hz? its pretty much a 65 dollar difference. I was looking at the corsair CX430 for a power supply.

Thank you,


Oct 26, 2012
As to waiting for the 8000 series, thats up to you. If you need a card now then get one if you can wait then you may as well. Although, on first release, the 8000's will probably not have as good drivers and will be more costly.
Also, have the 8000's series actually been announced? I haven't checked but if they haven't you may wait a long time for a release.

If your running 1080p at 60Hz, a 7850 will probably serve you purposes. However, the 50 is often just a slower version of the 70 and unless your happy to overclock the 50, you'll probably see some better performance (certainly with newer games through the next few years) than with the weaker card. If you do plan on overclocking, the line between the cards becomes less visible.

Hope some of this helps :)
well waiting is always your call to make.

but in case you decide to buy now....I would recommend you get the 7870 if you want to play the games you mentioned at 1080p with all settings at max.
the 7870 oc s better than the 7850.
also keep in mind you 430w psu won't suffice.
get at least a 500w 80+ bronze certified psu