890FXA-UD5 Rev 2.0 Owners

Hello guys, anyone has the mentioned MOBO ? i was able to overclock my 1055T to 4.1 with the F4 Bios revision, switched to F5.. it refuses to overclock at all even if @ 3.5, same story with F6 BIOS
anyone had this before ?


Reset all to default and go back to F3 or F4 BIOS version, I'm currently running the F4 and is very stable and easy for overclock.

You also will need change the RAM multiplier to the lowest possible value and set the RAM to 1.65V. NB and HT at stock for now.

i have no issue while running in F4 BIOS, and both RAM, NB & HT everything is okay ....
but what i'm asking is there a bug with both F5, F6 BIOS revisions? or only me getting that issue ?
i upgraded to F5 because of the new RAID ROM, but what you said sounds fair enough as i tried everything and no luck with overclocking.
Maybe i'll wait till i see the new BIOS for the new Bulldozer CPUs then give a try to overclock.