9800gt died


Jun 18, 2010
and I need a replacement.

It was a great card but lasted me only a year. Unfortunately the manufacturer went out of business or something (bfg tech) so I can't make use of the lifetime warranty.

I've been looking into replacement cards and it seems the current equivalent is actually worse than the 9800gt. I remember paying about 70$ for the card at the time and I hope to pay around the same amount while getting an upgrade.

Specs can be found here. It's a pretty old machine, everything's still stock except the os (win7 64bit) and graphics card which of course died. My monitor's 19" 1600x900 if that's a factor. I was looking at some 5770's but not sure if the 400w psu can handle those.

I was actually going to buy this (40$ after rebate + free STALKER game :( ) but it sold out right when I was checking out so I figured I'd get a second opinion. Basically just want the best bang for buck, upgrading anything else is not preferred.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
A 5770/6770 is a decent upgrade for the price over this card. I got two my self and am a avid collector of cards. Current nvidia cards don't offer much at all below $100 unless it is second hand. A 55nm 9800gtx/gts250 will run on a quality 400w unit but if generic stick with the 5770.

If you are someone who wants to stick with nvidia then I got some suggestions below.

OLD School non Fermi with proper openGL support and better build quality.


New School Fermi with issues
gts450/gtx550 ti