Question 9900k and 2666Mhz Ram. Should i buy new ram?


Dec 16, 2013
I have a 5820k Oc'd to 4.5Ghz and looking to upgrade my CPU and MOBO. Looking to purchase a 9900k I'm on the fence if i should buy a new ram kit. I currently have a 16Gb kit (4x4GB) kingston Hyper X CL13. I see most builds today with 3200Mhz and ill be attempting some overclocking with the 9900k. looking to my PC Building community for some advice!



Retired Mod
I dunno man, I think it's a pretty worthy upgrade if you are REALLY looking for whatever gains you can grab, but not with that 2666mhz memory. I'd want to see at LEAST 3000mhz CL14 sticks if you're going to spend that kind of money on a CPU.

In some cases, maybe double the performance almost. Still, that 5820k is still quite capable. I might consider waiting for the next round unless you have an issue with the physical hardware that screams upgrade now.

Even so, overclocking aside, there is a significant performance difference in some things, and not so much in others. More cores, much higher stock turbo boost, much higher stable maximum clocks, significantly higher single core performance (Much of which is likely due to the much higher boost) but also pretty damn expensive for a platform that is likely going to be last gen before long. Personally, this far along the lifespan of the 9th gen, I'd wait to see what is coming up the pipe and what the Ryzen 3000 series actually looks like with it's PCIe 4.0, and whether the next gen of Intel is going to offer that as well.