A few firsttimer questions, Sorry


Dec 19, 2008
Hey, so here's my scoop. I just finished up my first build and I've had it overclocked a bit for about a week. It's an E6600, motherboard is a gigabyte ep45-ud3r, and the ram is some ocz sli-ready 800mz stuff. I read a bunch of guides and was determined not to beg for help but I'm just curious about a couple things. I have it running at 3.2ghz right now, 8x400. It has a 9 multiplier but it took way more voltage to do 9x360 and the memory was underclocked a little that way. I'm pretty happy with it, but it's taking some voltage, vcore is set in bios at 1.43125 and reads 1.392 in cpu-z in order to be really stable. But I thought I'd shoot for a little higher anyway, just to see what it could do. So at first I thought I'd just keep going up with the 8 multiplier, I knew the FSB wouldn't limit me because people were putting up like 550 with that board but as soon as i upped it any, like even 5 mhz, I blue screen out in like 10 seconds on intel burn test. Is that normal, I know I'm going over what the ram was made for but I thought I'd have a little room anyway. And from 24hour stable to nothing? BSOD means RAM problem right? Maybe I should clear that up first? I'm still running it at the stock voltage and timings (2.1 and 5-4-4-15) and I know I could raising the timings or overvolt and try for more but is that my problem? So I gave up on that and thought I'd try raising the multi to 9 and setting the FSB back. But I'm still blue screening with the 9X350 which should really shouldn't be pushing the ram, and I'm using even more vcore than at 3.2. There's my story, here are my questions I guess

Is it normal to hit a wall right at the specs for the ram like that?

Do you think anything else could be holding me back?

I haven't tried messing around with the termination voltages yet, I hear about people raising their FSB voltages to get better clocks or ease up other voltages, and i think on my board that lines up with cpu termination voltage? I tried upping it and it didn't seem to help but I only upped it a tenth of a volt (5 intervals not all at once) and I didn't notice any changes? Normal, good idea, bad idea?

What do you guys think of Intel Burn Test? I'll prime 24 hours no problem but i still have at least one value that doesn't line up on max memory runs of burn test. I know that my system can't be all the way stable in that case but do you think that's good enough? Dang, it's rough temp wise too

I'm using 1.4V on the MCH core too, compared to 1.1 stock. You think that's a little high? I can't get it down even with more vcore so i dunno?

Thanks for all your help. I really didn't want to be one of the billion "this is my first overclock and i don't know what i'm doing" threads, sorry. I'm pretty happy with my clock now and not really looking for any miracle fixes, this might just be all my chip wants to do but I'd like to know the answers anyway. Thank you.


Oct 12, 2008
Never heard anyone say that BSOD means ram problem, to me it always meant pretty much anything :) If you want to be sure about ram than run memtest on it. I think its simply the fact that your cpu refuses to go any higher or be stable at that voltage, or at all. But i might be totally wrong. Anyway, i would be more than happy to run it stable 8x400 in sync with ram