Sep 9, 2009
Hey, my friend currently has a Dazzle DVC100 for recording videos from his Xbox 360. He got an HDTV for Christmas, and we were discussing possible ways he could still record, but play in HD. This is my idea, and I was just wondering if i could get some feedback on weather you think this would work or not, or if you know a better / just as inexpensive way to record.
**The recording does not have to be in HD, only the game play on the TV**

1. HDMI cable from xbox 360.
2. HDMI splitter splits the male into two males.
3. One male into the TV as usual, the other male into a F to M HDMI to vga adapter, and then the VGA part into a VGA to composite adapter, and then simply plugging the yellow composite cable into the dazzle to record video.

Any assistance you could give me would be greatly appreciated!