access denied to my HD after FRS error


Jun 22, 2004
hi all. heres the prob. i wanted to merge 2 partitions using partition magic 8. i igot the thing started but got an error 1552: frs entry is free

so i booted and the new partition was unaccessible (small hd icon with a question mark). i rebooted again and the partition was online but i couldnt access my data on it. i ran chkdsk /f, it corrected loads of errors but i still cant access my data. it says: "access is denied". i really cant afford to lose this data... anyone got an idea??


Jul 21, 2006
Yeah... Partition Magic and "I can't afford to lose this data" do not go together at all...

Partition Magic explicitly tells you that it can't guarantee a smooth operation and that you should make a full backup of your data before proceeding. So, not that I've told you what you've just learned the hard way, you might try looking at their site to see if they have any suggestions on recovering data in these circumstances.

If not, then you might try something like a Knoppix CD to see if Linux can salvage at least part of the data on the corrupt partition(s).