Question Access point causes network wide lag

Apr 15, 2019
Okay so the main router we have isn't strong enough to cover our entire house and we lose signal in the bedrooms, so I decided to get a access point. But for some reason whenever I turn it on, my network becomes unstable even with wired connections to the main router. There is sometimes even up to 50-60% packet loss and goes up to 600+ms on ping. I think it's safe to assume the AP isn't causing the main issue considering I have tried another Router in AP mode aswell as this AP and the issue was still there. However the issue seems to happen less with the new AP. I should also say that the access point(D-Link DAP-1360) is plugged into a switch(tp-link TL-SF1008D) and the switch then goes into the router. DHCP is disabled on the AP considering there is already a DHCP server on my main router. Is it maybe the switch causing the issue? The only other thing connected to the switch (Excluding the router and AP) is my Pc that I use mainly for gaming.

The setup is currently:
Router>Switch>PC and AP
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What do you see those problem on. Are you testing to your router IP or something on the internet.

A AP when properly configured is a pretty simple device. It more or less takes wifi and converts it to ethernet.

I would first disable the radios on the AP. It pretty much should be a dead box since nothing can connect to it. If it still causes issue I would suspect you have it configured wrong. A conflicting IP address or DHCP is still running etc.

I would then activate the wifi radios and see if the problem occurs. You could have a device using lots of bandwidth. Maybe change the password, disable the WPS and then slowly add devices 1 at at time.
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