Access Restrictions


Apr 30, 2008
Hello everybody.

Is there a way to restrict internet access for select computers over the network, without using my router? If possible without installing anything new onto any of the computers. My knowledge is pretty limited when it comes to all of this networking, so pardon my ignorance.

I am just looking for alternatives to the linksys access restriction tool.

Thanks in advance.


Feb 21, 2005
create a host file for your needs mvp host will do or use note pad and edit the current none active host file. it can be found in c:\windows\system32\drivers\ect.
Save a copy of the original one, something like host.bck, delete everything in that file and we will guide you through the context of the new host. You can copy and paste the red. If you want computers to gain access, you will have to edit the host file and delete the, that computer will have access to your netguestpolicy for guest connection or according to how your netuserpolicy is setup localhost #[Google.Warning]

lets explain what is going on here, we are creating an localhost ip of or you can use stick with 127, what is happening here, if a computer or its IP tries to load in your browser lets say enable some active X control, that IP goes through the localhost ip of and eventually finds it way back to or There is no connection to your computer or IP, so the computer that is trying to connect to your computer never makes a connection to your computers IP or external IP or network. easy secure and uses very little system resources. All around a win situation

Make sure you save the file as host no extention.

Last edit I have over 73000 computer routed this way works perfect

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