Question ACPI boot error after sleep

Feb 25, 2019
Hello everyone,

My pc worked fine for a solid year. Yesterday when I put my pc into sleepmode it gave a BSOD when it woke. It only said ‘ACPI bios error’. Since then every time I start the computer my mouse and keyboard wont work even though the hubs are getting electricity (plugged my phone and it charged).

A note: windows isnt frozen cause when I olug my net cable, the network icon in the login screen changes.

A second note: there where no hardware changes and mouse - keyboard does work in bios. It seems the keyboard lights go out after windows loading went on for a second try

I tried the following:
-Memory bood mode normal
-Power management enabled
-a bunch ofnother random bios features that didnt sound dangerous like changing voktages or speeds
-Did a cmos reset, did a cmos reset without ram installed
-tried windows install usb but my mouse and keyboard arnt funtioning in the setup either
-Installed a different harddrive with windows, no mouse keyboard detection as well

-Gigabyte z370p D3 motherboard
-Intel i3 8100
-Toshiba something something harddisk
-Ballistix D4 8GB 2400-16 gb
-sharkoon 600watt psu
-amd radeon 6970HD (ironic no haha, still saving up for a new gpu hah)
-Windows 10

A friend of mine says windows want to use a different power state managment then the bios wants. So they collide and give the bsod

I really hope some one can help me!

Thanks in advance,
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