Question Adata XPG SX8200 Pro Slow write speed

Sep 7, 2019
Hello everyone, i recently bought ADATA SX8200 Pro 1 TB NVMe drive... when at first usage, i ran CDM benchmark and get an exact speed as advertised 3500++ mbps read / 3000 mbps write, but as i fill the drive with some games it gets slower overtime until only reach max 800mbps write speed while the read speed is acceptable at 3000mbps (drive is only 50% filled).
Anyone experiencing this issue too??? how can the drive gets slow so quickly.?.. What can I do to get the speed cranked as it before? Tried TRIM etc but nothing happened, too lazy to reinstall my games if I should run secure erase. oh and it also happened to my SX8200 non pro 240 GB version too, drive is filled up 50% but only get 270 max write speed with CDM.. Any Help will be appreciated... thanks. sorry for my bad english, asian here.

SX 8200 240GB

SX 8200 Pro 1TB