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Nov 1, 2003
I have an older Dell Dimension XPS D333; P2, 333; 128 MB ram; W98 SE. It has a standard AGP card, 4mb [stb velocity]. I want to play games on this PC. Can I safely use an AGP Pro card in the PC? If yes, which 64 MB card do you suggest? If no, which 64 MB card do you suggest. Thanks for your attention to my situation.


Dec 31, 2007
Well undoubtedly its got a 1x, 2x or possibly 4x 3.3V slot, capable of taking any of the 3.3v capable AGP cards.

That goes up to even the Ati Radeon R9700pro or the R9500pro (but not the R9600pro)

Having said that however you will be SEVERLY CPU and memory limited using a 333Mhz processor...
and a R9500/9700 card will be useless overkill.

What sort of games did u want to play anyway?
anything released within the past year or so will run poorly on your system due to lack of CPU grunt.

with your system a TI4 MX would provide decent gaming... anything greater you really wouldnt see much improvment, due to lack of cpu power

(much as i hate to recommend such a card)

I would recommend other cards like the Geforce3 series... but you just dont see any of them any more.

You could get a Geforce4 Ti4200 64mb for around 80 US dollars, but that too would probably be overkill.

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You're confused. No gaming cards use an AGP Pro card type. Even the mighty 9800 Pro uses a standard AGP slot. AGP Pro is a standard AGP slot plus a few extra pins to provide more power. AGP Pro cards are exclusively graphics workstation cards, not gaming cards.

Any gaming card except ATI's 9600 series should work in your system.

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