Lolly Gerhardstein

Dec 18, 2012
Need to enact ink cartridge alignment. specific colors not pringing. I have just replaced 3 ink cartridges, including black.

Need to get colors to pring.

Pl direct me how to initiate alignment process? T.Y.

Lolly Gerhardstein
It's not an alignment problem. It would still print all the colours if it was just an alignment problem. Your problem is caused by a blockage of old, dried-up ink in the printhead, commonly caused by not using the printer, or not using every colour, for a few days.

Try using the nozzle-cleaning utility in the printer driver software. Do it several times. If that doesn't clear the blockage you will need to remove all the cartridges, then remove the printhead and soak it overnight in hot soapy water. If that doesn't clear the blockage you will have to buy a new printer.