Question ALT key not working with F keys (Ctrl not working properly either) ?

Dec 30, 2020

I have a Toshiba Satellite P50A (see keyboard in image attached), Windows 10, and for a few weeks now the ALT + F keys is not working at all. I can do Alt+ Tab and Ctrl+Alt+Supr to open Task Manager but not Alt+F keys. If I do Alt+F keys or just press an F key, it will just do the function assigned to that key (see F keys in image). For example Alt+F5 would normally refresh a page but now it just blocks/unblocks touchpad whereas Alt+F4 releases a side window for Display options. Please I want to be be able to do Alt+F4 to close a window and all the other functions when Alt + F keys.

Also, normally it would be possible to select multiple elements by just Ctrl + Left Click but this isn't working either but CTRL key works fine since I can do CTRL+c and Ctlr+v and Ctrl+a to select all text.

I have tried to reinstall the keyboard drivers from device manager but there has been no change.

Please I would really appreciate your help.

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