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  1. Question Wireless and keyboard problems

    Hello, I had a problem with lCD cable in my laptop Lenovo g510, it was blinking so bad so I had to replace it, which was successful but it came at a price. The tiny pin of the connector that fixes the keyboard cable was broken, I tried to fix it with a tape but only some buttons type and when I...
  2. K

    Question Best mechanical keyboard

    Hi! I am currently using an Asus Strix Tatic Pro keyboard, but I think it's time to replace it. What do I want? I want a keyboard with these features: ISO layout mechanical backlight num pad I will use the keyboard for Game, Programming and Daily tasks(internet, word, etc..). I would like...
  3. J

    Question Keyboard going crazy

    Hey, so a couple of weeks ago a few buttons on my keyboard started to become randomly unresponsive. Every other day or a little while I found the 'c' 'f' 'r' "backspace" only worked every other press or so, but it would only happen of around 5 minutes at a time. The problem became significantly...
  4. H

    Question hard drive died, can't get keyboard to work to install windows on new HDD

    Sorry if I have posted in the wrong section. So my hard drive died for my windows 10 desktop computer, but I have also gotten a new case (old ones power button cord had melted) along with a new psu. I have installed the new drive along with the disk image on a USB drive to reinstall windows...
  5. M

    Question Bizarre issue with displayport on GPU

    So today I spilt coffee on my keyboard. Dummy move I know, but its working fine now. Well after the coffee had spilt, it started spamming random keyboard buttons. At the time I didn't know that I had spilt coffee on my keyboard. It must have been a few drops, but apparently thats enough to make...
  6. JordyH

    Question Lenovo ideapad 720s some keys not working

    I bought my laptop used and it has been working great for about a month, but this afternoon some of the keys stopped working. I uninstalled the drivers and the device, reset my laptop, but the keys still don't work I read on multiple forums that it could be the cable rubbing against some metal...
  7. K

    Question Will bios update from windows reset the bios?

    Hi everybody! I recently builded a computer, and I accidentally turned off all the CSM settings, and saved... since then, I'm unable to handle the bios. I mean, I installed a MBR partitioned windows on it, and everything works just fine, but when I enter into the bios (UEFI), then the bios does...
  8. S

    Question ThinkPad T430 keyboard issue HELP

    So I own a ThinkPad t430 for the last 2 years, today I took it apart and cleaned the keyboard out and removed it. Now I've put it back in and almost all of the keys do not work at all anymore and I'm not sure what to do, I've checked it's connected properly. The Power button, Volume keys and...
  9. Z

    Question My keyboard is keeps pushing a single button during video games

    Hello, I've been having the problem recently where my keyboard presses and holds a button during a game and typing. When it does this windows plays the noise of something being disconnected and connected. Also sometimes the keyboard itself stops functioning and I have to spam the keyboard to get...
  10. M

    Question Controlling RGB Keyboard with Custom Programming

    Hey There, I just bought a new Acer Predator Triton 500. I was going around the RGB keyboard software. I had an idea if I could program the lights on my own (without using the company provided software) is it possible? if yes then how? I want to control the colours of the keyboard using my...
  11. [SOLVED] Mechanical Keyboard

    Does this kind of keyboard with arrow keys very close to the space bar exist as a mechanical keyboard?
  12. B

    Question A, S, D, F, J, K, L keys not working sporadically

    Hey everybody, I've been having this problem for a while now and it is driving me crazy. When I put my laptop in my backpack for 30 minutes, my ASDFJKL keys just stop working. Then the keys most of the time begin to work after 5-15 minutes, but sometimes they won't work anymore at all. I then...
  13. E

    Question Looking for a mouse and keyboard

    Need a decent mouse and a budget mechanical keyboard with silent switches (Cherry MX Red switches prefered), willing to spend about 90€ on both combined.
  14. lordvanko

    [SOLVED] Custom switches on a not cherry keyboard

    Does anyone know if im gonna be able to put custom keycaps on a GENESIS THOR 300 TKL? They look like cherry switches but they arent for sure
  15. T

    [SOLVED] Keyboard Right Arrow Key Stopped Working [Repost]

    So earlier today i had a problem where when i tapped the right arrow key it held it down for up to 20 seconds the key looks and feels perfectly fine it's just on my mac it will hold it down but now it completely stopped working, i have tried popping the plastic key out and cleaning it a bit...
  16. T

    Question Keyboard problem

    So i am running macOS Mojave i don't know if that matters but i just started playing a game Freeriderhd again and i noticed something was wrong with the right arrow key so i opened keyboard viewer to see what was detected when i pressed the right arrow key and when i pressed it and let go almost...
  17. K

    Question Whenever I do anything on my pc it spams a letter by itself even if the keyboard is unplugged

    When I turned on my computer and went to go type something my computer randomly started spamming the letter k over and over again. I thought it was an issue with the keyboard and sent a letter to the tech support of the company that makes the keyboard. They said I would have to get the keyboard...
  18. M

    Question remapped keys dont work in some games, any way to fully reprogram my keyboard?

    i try to play this certain game, and my remapped keys arnt working in it. i need these remapped keys because my number keys are offset so remapping is the only option, any way to fully fresh start my keyboard and make it the way i want??
  19. T

    Question Keyboard layout

    Hello everyone I have a problem with my keyboard changing language when im on remote desktop. I use danish layout, but it keeps switching to english... I've tried deleting the english language from my computer. None of my coworkers have this issue - even on the same remote desktop. Do anyone...
  20. butterfig

    Question Corsair K95 Platinum or Kingston Hyper X Alloy FPS Pro?

    Hello. So right now, both keyboards are $139.99 on Best Buy. The keyboards both have Cherry MX Browns, which are one of my favorite switches. So, I’m just curious on which board is better. I’m leaning towards the K95 Platinum but I am not a fan of the macro keys on the left side of the board...