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    Question Keyboard recommendation ?

    Hello! I've been trying to buy a new keyboard with NKRO, but I couldn't get one with my requirements, and had to return a couple of purchases. The store owners even suggested that I try my luck asking some tech savy place, so here am I. I'm looking for: Quiet keyboard With NKRO (or full NKRO)...
  2. R

    Question When i press my left and up arrow key, it does not do anything but if i hold it, there are beep sounds.

    I checked everything, i unplugged it and switched to another port still nothing, keyboard is brand new working fine, but this thing bothers me. also im not on a laptop btw.
  3. A

    Question Keyboard Typing Issues & Clicking Links Issue

    At random moments, with my keyboard, when I type a letter that is supposed to be lowercase it outputs as being capital. And vice versa. When this happens, most of the time the number keys will only output the symbol the key is for. What also happens most of the time is whenever I click a link on...
  4. Question Re-purpose laptop arrow keys for stereo balance and volume controls?

    Hi! Do you know if there's a way to assign the audio volume and stereo balance controls to the arrow keys on a laptop? I'm an old guy who has to spend the better part of each day in bed due to worsening debilitating chronic ailments. So I've increasingly pressed my refurbished Dell Latitude...
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    Question TrendNet KVM Switch

    I use a TrendNet KVM Switch TK-215i to switch between my home pc and my work laptop. Ive had it for 6 months and its worked well. A few days ago I started having problems with the KVM Switch. It seems to be holding Control down forever until i manually press the Control button. So when i try to...
  6. H

    [SOLVED] Odd keyboard behavior

    Hello to the helpful lot, and everyone in between! Recently I have observed some odd behavior on my keyboard, which was not present earlier today. It began shortly after my young niece mashed my keyboard and I have not been able to locate a fix since then. The keyboard is a Razer Ornata...
  7. L

    Question Keyboard making "ghost" inputs, but only on a few keys ?

    So, yesterday my Cougar 600k keyboard started making ghost inputs, seemingly out of nowhere. shows that the N key keeps being pressed constantly, sometimes being input as "," , the M key is entirely non-funcional, and the left control is also pressed sometimes, but strangely...
  8. S

    Question Keyboard restriction!?

    Recently I bought new parthica core gaming keyboard, and I realised while playin' cs go that when I press for example shift+a+4 it doesn't work. I will try to explain all combos. (shift or ctrl, results are same) shift+a+4 doesn't work. shift+s+4 doesn't work. shift+d+4 doesn't work...
  9. H

    Question PC killing my keyboarddds

    Hey. My PC or something else seems to ruins my keyboards. D key starts making 2 or 3 letters and in the end it stops working sometimes. I had HyperX replace 3 keyboards cus i thought it was a facory fault. All 3 did the same. When the 3rd failed as well. I bought another brand. Same thing...
  10. P

    Question Razer Huntsman Keyboard Typing Extra Keys

    I have a Razer Huntsman keyboard and I really like it but for some reason, sometimes when I press a key down it will spam the key rapidly, even if I've let go of the key, and I'll need to press another button in order to negate it. It doesn't really bother me that much but I'd like to fix it...
  11. M

    Question Doubt corsair keyboard switches. is this normal?

    Hi, I recently bought a corsair k70 keyboard and I noticed that some of the switches have movement. Not all of them move the same, some more than others, is this normal in all corsair keyboards, does it happen to you?
  12. J

    Question Having trouble with my keyboard

    Hello I recently bought redragon k551 ( and after 1 hour of using it suddenly stopped working. I tryied updating drivers which i got replied they are already up to date and tryied switching between usb ports and...
  13. R

    Question Help me repair my laptop's keyboard ?

    I have an Asus UX303LN laptop A couple of months ago, I spilled juice on a few keys of the keyboard(up, down, and left arrow keys). After that, they did work for a short time, but now they are not working. Should I have to replace the entire keyboard because these keys not working? I checked...
  14. rugupiruvu

    Question Fixing logitech keyboard

    Folks - do you think I can DIY fix the broken key on my logitech K740 keyboard? I've only had it for 6 months so sad it broke so quick. As you can see there are two parts that are broken on the actual key and unsure if one can order these keys online
  15. E

    Question Logitech G413 keyboard not working properly ?

    My Logitech G413 has been acting strangely recently. Preceding the event of my entire pc slowing down to the point where I had to reinstall windows, my G413 had and still has this issue, where about every 10 seconds or so, the inputs will stop working for a few seconds, and then it will spam...
  16. J

    Question 380 r6 fps

    Just out of curiosity im getting about 160- 160 fps on rainbow six siege with a 3080 depending on where i am looking, just wondering if this is good.
  17. N

    [SOLVED] Razer Cynosa v2 "device descriptor failed"

    Hi, I've had my keyboard since December now and its been great, no problems until yesterday. Its a Razer Cynosa v2. I turned on my pc and noticed it wasnt typing or working at all. I have another keyboard so I was able to do some debugging, in device manager it says "Device Descriptor Request...
  18. G

    Question Left Alt switched with windows key.

    My keyboard left alt is acting like my windows key and vice versa. I need to know how to fix it because I play rust and using Left Alt is a MUST. Ryzen 5 5600x 1660 SUPER 16 gb ram 3200 mhz
  19. J

    Question Computer-specific ghosting

    If I plug in an old, crappy membrane keyboard, everything works perfect. If I plug in any of 3 brand new mechanical keyboards, I get ghosting on movement keys (can't press W + Space, W + A, W + D consistently, etc.) If I plug these same keyboards into a different computer, they work fine...
  20. J

    Question Problem with my keyboard; can't consistently press two keys at once

    Problem with my keyboard; can't consistently press two keys at once Pressing W and A/D at the exact same time, one would expect to move diagonally in a video game, but in my case, around half the time, it locks me into a certain key. For example, if I press W and A at the same time, it'll...