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  1. CaptainUselessMan

    [SOLVED] Keyboard acting weird

    Hi.So i got a problem with my keyboard , everytime i try to hold TAB button for example to see the score in a game it's keep flickering like on , off ,on , off. So then i went into a site for '' keyboard test '' to see what is the problem and aparently my TAB button is keep repeating when i m...
  2. foreignsanxd

    Question My shift key is stuck, plus my 'c' key is capitalized all the time and the numeric keypad doesn't work.

    I´ve removed the batteries because my cats, and now my wireless keyboard doesnt work well and I´m writing with on-screen keyboard, help.
  3. Diesel_.

    Question Mouse doesn't wanna work ?

    Mobo: ASUS P5G41T-M LX CPU: Xeon 5450 I have problems with the mouse not working, first it worked when I built the pc today, but now it doesn't. I have tried my keyboard in the same USB ports and it works fine, but my mouse or pen-drive doesn't. I have tried resetting the cmos, and also...
  4. CoDrift

    Question Opto mechanical keyboard registering random keys

    So, I have this mechanical keyboard with grey optical switches, which I got used for 10$ a few months ago. At first, it worked flawlessly, untill I lubed the stabilizers with ... wheel bearing grease (The friction was annoying, and thats all I had lying around). The keyboard worked for a month...
  5. T

    Question Built in keyboard stops working when charger is plugged in

    Hey there, I've seen multiple posts regarding this issue. But none seem to fit exactly to mine. So I've decided to create a new thread. I have the Lenovo Legion y540-15irh 81sx, about 3 years old, so no more warranty. I've been trying to figure out why my keyboard has stopped working while the...
  6. G

    Question ctrl and /?° keys stopped working in ideapad s145-15iwl

    I know a new keyboard for this laptop is cheap and I'm pretending to buy a new one, but before I'm looking for understanding what happened and if there isn't any quick fix for it. The ctrl (there's only one) and the /?° key stopped working intermittently (always together), and it seemed like...
  7. ThatOneTechyDude

    Question Decent Full Sized *Wireless* keyboard?

    Hey folks, I've been looking around as best I can, probably not too well but I've tried, and I can't find any decent full sized mechanical keyboards that are wireless. They're all 75% or TKL. I want a full sized, wireless, cherry MX brown or equivalent keyboard. Has anyone got any suggestions...
  8. ZV505867

    Question Windows 7 No Keyboard/mouse on i3-8100

    So I have this Dell Inspiron 3670, with a Core i3-8100. Windows 10 performs terribly, Windows 8.x doesn't look good, and Windows 7 is the real logical alternative for me (Probably since that computer still has an old-school SATA HDD). But regardless if I use ISO image or USB, the keyboard and...
  9. T

    Question GMMK Pro woes - - cleaning a mechanical keyboard after liquid spill ?

    Hey guys, looking for some advice regarding my GMMK Pro. I was doin' some gaming and left my glass of vodka and orange juice in the space between my keyboard and mouse, went to type, and just absolutely close lined that glass all over my too expensive keyboard. Turned it over, towel dried it...
  10. T

    Question Rk68 LED Not Working After Cleaning

    I have the rk68 for 5 months now and recently it started double clicking. It became too frequent that I decided to thoroughly clean it. I wasn't surprised but it was dirty so I proceeded to remove all the keycaps, switches, removed the PCB from the plate and all. I cleaned the PCB with a makeup...
  11. ukLz

    Question Why certain keys on my keyboard release "squeaky" noises when being pressed?! | HX Alloy Origins

    Hi. Check out this video that I've just uploaded: Long story short: It's been about 2 weeks since I got my hyperx alloy origins aqua keyboard, it's been great so far but I really find annoying this unusual "squeaky" sound (idk how else I could describe it) when I keep on hitting a few...
  12. K

    Question Keyboard types random assortment of letters when i press "i"

    i'm using a Razer Hunstman mini and anytime i press the "i" key it begins to create the exact same assortment of button presses where it is somewhere along the line of creating a few i's and some u's then using backspace and enter a bunch. i have no idea what is going on and as i typed this...
  13. [SOLVED] Where can I get a mechanical ANSISO Keyboard?

    I have an old membrane keyboard that I'm looking to replace, but I've gotten accustomed to the layout and I'd like to keep it. Unfortunately though, the layout is 'ANSISO' with ISO enter but ANSI L-shift, and I'm having a pretty hard time finding that form factor outside of the exact model...
  14. Cizmeli

    Question Please Help Me! My brand new laptop have a problem! İ cant solve...

    Hi, first of all I'm new to this community. this is my first post. and I apologize for any mistakes I may have made. I will be very happy if someone can solve my problem. I bought a new gaming laptop a week ago and am facing an annoying problem. The keys on my keyboard don't work sometimes. It...
  15. [SOLVED] Krom Khybrid Keys

    Hi , i have a Krom Khybrid Keyboard and i have lost some keycaps , like the enter key and so on. But im not sure how to replace them, what kind of keycaps should i buy for this type of keyboard? (Its semi mechanic)
  16. ukLz

    Question Can't decide between mechanical keyboard choices, need help

    Hi everyone. I have been recently thinking about finally buying my first mechanical keyboard and after a few weeks of thorough research on local market, I still can't make the right decision so I came here to seek for a slight assistance. I think it is important to note at the very beginning...
  17. O

    [SOLVED] Is this notebook's keyboard generic ?

    Lenovo B40-30 Is this notebook's keyboard generic as such so that I can get a new one searching on other notebook models? Thank you.
  18. Dominum_vestri

    [SOLVED] I need help with picking the display for my PC

    Hi there! I'm going to buy new PC, but i have a laptop at the moment, so I need to buy a display for the PC too. I don't have much budget but I picked 3 displays that are meeting my conditions, but I don't know which is the best in quality/price raito. Here are the models: Acer Nitro...
  19. laism

    [SOLVED] Redragon Kumara k552 suddenly stopped working

    I was using the keyboard and suddenly the keyboard stopped working, I tried reconnecting by unplugging it, the keyboard lit up for a while but as I tried typing it only wrote NNNNNNNNNNN, so I disconnect and reconnected again but this it is not coming anymore, device manager says, " Device...
  20. R

    Question Redragon 595 RATRI is not working properly! i cant light the borders back up please help!

    I tried many things! Reconnecting keyboard, resetting computer, uninstalling apps, but to no avail! Is there any way to fix this? i ran an app in german called upgrade process, for the K556R keyboard, it looked like mine so i downloaded the program, ran it and now it has the configurations of...
  21. ichbineinhans

    Question Loudspeaker makes buzzing noise when keyboard LEDs are a certain color ?

    This is probably the weirdest thing I've ever seen, Just yesterday, I got a new keyboard. (Logitech g213) After plugging it in, I instantly heard a buzzing noise coming from my loudspeaker. I tried experimenting with this for a bit to search for a fix and came to a unique conclusion. When the...
  22. Puny

    [SOLVED] Spacebar not working after reset

    So i was playing minecraft last night perfectly fine as i usually do. While playing a window appears but closes immediately since i must have pressed a button intended for minecraft. I did not worry since everything was fine. Except when i turned my pc my spacebar is not working. Im running off...
  23. s4v4ge_cut1e

    Question USB error 43

    Hello, everyone! I have little annoying and strange problem. Once i restarted my pc right after i turned it on. I tried to log in, but my laptop keyboard didnt work. I restarted it many times and it did not help me. I looked up in device manager and in USB devices one was with error 43. I...
  24. M

    Question Problem on Keyboards typing

    Hello I have a problem in my keyboard, I cleaned up the laptop with a product, which I always do, but this time, my keyboard is not working like before. Now when I type C it give mes c" or when I type 1 it gives me 1W. I tried first removing the keyboard driving and reinstall it, it worked first...
  25. O

    [SOLVED] very small wired usb keyboard? Do you know about a small, like on the picture, and low priced wired usb keyboard? The keyboard is not meant for everyday use. Therefore practicability is not a priority. It is about having a wired usb keyboard in case a computer's...
  26. D

    Asus TUF GAMING FX504GD strange keyboard problem

    Hi, I have Asus TUF GAMING FX504GD Laptop and noticed this problem: After boot windows 10 there is "welcome" screen with time etc. Laptop automatically presses minus key on num block - it displays windows login input which is started to fill with minuses. It persists until any key is pressed...
  27. T

    [SOLVED] Keyboard keys not registering/ double typing might be a bigger underlying issue with pc help please!

    Hello, So i recently bought a ducky SF one 2 and it worked great for awhile but then the keys would double click making gaming and typing horrible, so i cleaned it with air duster and thought it would fix it(it never did). So after re installing new drivers on it and everything else it still...
  28. VictoorH

    [SOLVED] Cant type Colon ( : ) in EFI Shell mode

    I need to execute Fs0: command in EFI Shell but I cant type the Colon ( : ).. is there any way to fix it?
  29. [SOLVED] Anybody knows what cable I need for this MIDI port?

    (It's on my electric piano)
  30. S

    Question I broke my keyboard circuit, i guess

    Hi, i had asked a question in this forum about some keys don't work in my notebook. After this i watched some videos in internet and read some blogs about notebook circuit repair. So, i opened my notebook(wasn't the first time), pullmy keyboard out and tried to fix it as videos. I did everything...
  31. L

    [SOLVED] Multi device keyboard?

    Does anyone know of a 60% or TKL wireless keyboard that can connect to multiple devices either by having two separate dongles or switching between a dongle and BT? I can’t use a typical BT keyboard since one of the devices I’m using is an Xbox. Alternatively I’ve thought about using a kvm but is...
  32. Rock4z

    [SOLVED] Thor 210 rgb keyboard problem

    Hi guys, I bought "Thor 210 rgb" keyboard and i am very happy with the product, but there's a problem im having. The "G" letter key on it isn't working properly. I need to press it several times until it registers. Anyone can help with this?Maybe i can unscrew it and clean it with spirits or...
  33. [SOLVED] Does anyone know which model of keyboard this is? I was watching a Joey Delgado video and tried to find the keyboard, but got absolutely nowhere. .

    This keyboard showed up in some of Joey Delgado's earlier PC build videos, but he hasn't linked them in the descriptions of his videos.
  34. A

    [SOLVED] Switch the Gateron mechanical switches to Gateron optical switches ?

    Hello People, I am planning to buy "Keychron K2 (Hot-Swappable) Version 2" keyboard and it has Gateron switches. So my question is - Later if I buy Gateron optical switches (Or any other optical switches), Can I swap them on this keyboard? Keyboard link -...
  35. knight sharma

    [SOLVED] Keyboard Key mapping to to toggle Flight Mode on/off ?

    Hi community, As the Title mention's, I want to map a key to turn flight mode on or off. Details are: Operating System: Windows 11 Keyboard: Logitech MK275 Old Key Function: Blue Home Key or Blue Email Key or Pause|Break Key New Key Function: Flight Mode on/off or Wi-Fi on/off
  36. E

    [SOLVED] Redragon S107 keyboard - some keys don't work

    Hi guys, Recently I bought Redragon set (keyboard, mouse and mouse pad) - Redragon S107 keyboard. 5th day of keyboard usage half the keys stopped working, don't know why. I checked the keys everything looks ok, tried on a different PC, same thing. This keyboard doesn't have drivers. I have...
  37. RobRus

    Question USB ports not working. Pc taking longer than usual to shut down

    Okay so, I wanted to check some files on a USB I have. I insert the USB, no response from the PC, I try 2-3 different ports, no response still. At that point I'm thinking, maybe I'm super unlucky and all these empty ports broke somehow. I unplug the keyboard and try the USB there, no luck...
  38. polictyresdert

    Question Is it possible to connect two computers to one keyboard and type simultaneously on both?

    I want to type on my laptop and the same content to be displayed on my PC. I want to have a keyboard that has two USB outputs that allow me to type on both computers at once. I am unable to find a solution to THIS problem. I understand there are KVM switches, RDP, USB Switch Cables with FTP...
  39. S

    Question Keyboard and windows 10 driving me crazy

    Hi All, My computer is driving me insane, my keyboard is holding keys when i press it once, it cuts off completely until i reset the computer. I can not work or so anything with it, its not the key board as i have tried multiple keyboards both wired and Bluetooth and still the situation stays...
  40. S

    Question [SOLVED] LENOVO T510 / Windows OS Number keys do not work except 5 and 6 and signs after 0

    In a previous thread in this same forum someone quite ignorant about technical support assures that in this situation, definitely, the keyboard must be replaced because it stopped working mechanically. Surely, you say so, because you don't know that when a keyboard stops working mechanically...