Aug 18, 2011
I really would like a 6950 but cannot afford it if i go for a i5

will it still be ok to get the 1055T and last for a couple of years?

Also will there be a bulldower in this prcerange that can be an alternative
I say go with the Phenom II 955BE and a good CPU cooler to overclock it. The Sunbeam core contact freezer is probably the best among the cheaper coolers right now. Newer C3 chips overclock to around 3.8ghz with air though some people get over 4.0ghz. With overclocking, your mileage will vary so be sure to read a guide first :D.

The only difference is that a 965BE has a higher multiplier than a 955BE so it's not exactly better. Of course, there is a better chance that a 955BE will run a little hotter or use a little more power at those speeds which is why it was not marked as a 965 or 975, but as 384-BIT says it really just depends on your particular chip what OC you can reach with a good air cooler. Just because a chip is marked as a 965BE or 975BE does not mean it will overclock to a higher speed, but it does mean you will pay more for it :D.