Oct 26, 2001
Alas, I am going to be patient and wait to build a new system when I can afford the A64 3500+ cpu (and thus a 939-based system). Hopefully this will only be a month or so until AMD releases a newer/faster 939 chip thus pushing prices down.

I am doing this because I like the advantages the 939 socket brings and, most importantly, it seems to be the path of the future. And I don't feel like I need to wait for PCI-express or DDR2.

I am curious about one thing, though. AMD is readying dual-core processors (a beautiful thing!) and I'm wondering if anybody knows how soon they are coming and what the likelihood of them being socket 939? Even if they are, will they need a newer chipset anyway? (I guess the impatient side of me is trying to convince myself a cheaper socket 754 system *right now* is better...)



Dec 16, 2002
So far the news on a dual core a64 has been relatively quiet. The dual core operton (s940) will be coming out in mid-2005 so I would expect a dual core a64 will still be a couple months after that. There may be a good chance for a dual core a64 to come out for s939 but it wont be for over a year.

oh, its a nice day. TO EAT CHILDREN!!!


The A64-3500+ does not offer much perf gain over the socket 754 3400+.
Before dual core becomes truly usefull, software will need to support it.
By that time, there should be changes to ram, graphics, and hdd tech, to warrant a new mobo anyhow.
If you want to wait for SLI, and will be able to afford that kind of cash layout, be my guest, otherwise, waiting is costing you perf now.