AMD FX-9800p vs i5 7200u


Dec 28, 2015
Has anyone used both of these processors. If not, how about the fx-9800p alone.

I always hear things like the i5's are way faster I see benchmarks, some say amd a10, a12, fx are faster than the i5's while others say vise-versa. I can't quite find many videos with real life testing, only a few, and the amd laptops won them. But, I haven't seen their other specs so I can't say for sure. What's your opinion on which is better? Any personal experience.

I have had an AMD FX-6300 for quite a while now and it has served well yet cost me little. But that is a desktop GPU. I just wanna know which is better.
AMD's older processors are all comparatively slow compared to even an R5-1200 at $110, but, you now need a discrete GPU, DDR4 RAM. Best bargain right now is an R5-1600 in a B350 , about $260 if spend 2 min looking for good prices.

TJ Hooker

If you're wanting to buy a laptop and can afford to wait a bit, I'd recommend waiting for the next gen of mobile CPUs from both Intel (coffee lake/kaby lake refresh) and AMD (raven ridge).
I too second the "wait" suggestion.

4-core i5u CPUs will be here soon (this is exciting, as I love the u-series chips for battery life and very little heat produced, but find them a bit underpowered for my uses), as well as AMD's new Ryzen-based APUs.

AMD's FX laptop chips were set up with a configurable TDP...most laptop vendors decided to cheap out on the cooling solutions bundled with AMD laptops, and as such, the chips throttle the heck out of themselves when using both CPU and GPU parts of the chip to maintain a 25-35W TDP.


The 8th gen Kaby Lake-R (refresh) CPUs are already out. They are basically quad core "U" model CPUs instead of dual core CPUs. However, in order to maintain the 15w TDP, the clock speeds are pretty low. For example, the i5-8250u may have a max Turbo Boost speed of 3.4GHz (with one core in used, lower if 2 or all 4 cores are being used), but the base clockspeeds is 1.6GHz.

As long as the laptop is sufficiently cooled, the CPU can maintain Turbo Boost. However, if the CPU gets too hot then Turbo Boost will get disabled. You need to be aware tha the 8th gen Kaby Lake-R have configurable TDPs similar to AMD's FX series; they are 15w TDP / 25w TDP. It is possible that some laptop with these new Intel CPUs can limit the clockspeed to less than the max specified by Intel to keep heat and power consumption within a certain limit.

The limited cooling capabilities of laptops likely means the Turbo Boost will be fluctuating on and off; especially if the laptop has a dedicated GPU since that is another major heat source when playing games and the internal fans and heatsink will have more heat to deal with.
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