AMD Graphics + nVIDIA PhysX


Jan 10, 2006
Star Tales Benchmark:

Mirror's Edge Game Play:

Sacred 2 Game Play:

PhysX is a Physical Interaction API first developed by AGEIA who were then acquired by nVIDIA. It can simulate particle interactions in a rather realistic fashion.

Smoke, Steam, Bullets, Shattered Glass, Cloth, Hair, Liquids, Environment (trees, leaves etc) are all able to act as they would in real life (move and interact the way they would) thanks to PhysX.

nVIDIA does not allow running PhysX in any computer system which includes an AMD (ATi) Graphics card. To get around this I use a crack/hack from NGOHQ which can be found here:


Rendered in real time, recorded using FRAPS at 29.97FPS

Original Size was 1920x1200 (scaled down to 1080p). I used 16x AF and 4x Adaptive AA as well as enabling all Graphics Options as shown in the video.

Core i7 980X @ 4.6GHz | EVGA X58 3XSLI Classified Hydro | 12GB Corsair Dominator GT DDR3 2000 | 2 X OCZ Vertex 2 60GB RAID0 | 2x Radeon HD 6970 CrossfireX | Sparkle ONE GTS 450 1GB OC PhysX | Antec 1000W | Custom Water

Now for something else... how about PhysX tweaked to be Multi-core aware and running on the CPU in Batman - Arkum Assylum:


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