AMD Phenom II x 4 940 Black Edition 3 Ghz


Aug 23, 2011
Hello anyone... I built a system in Feb of 2010 using an AMD Phenom II x 4 940 Black Edition 3 Ghz (MFP: HDZ940XCGIBOX) and 4GB Corsair DDR2 PC6400. The Mobo is beginning to fail and I am having problems finding a good one that is compatible with the above parts. I currently have an ASUS M2N68-AM SE2 which has always given me a boot error stating that it was not fully compatible with CPU even after 3 BIOS upgrades from ASUS. I am partial to MSI boards because I have had good luck with them in the past but I am not opposed with going to another brand. Does anyone have a good suggestion?

That would be my choice from the two that seem to be available ,
since the biostar has the same kind of nVidia chip set that you are currently having issues with

and the Foxconn has a chip set made by AMD