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Then why hasn't Microsoft done some easy things to help Ryzen? Like preselecting a power plan that is actually beneficial to the CPU.

I get the scheduler is complex, but there are some easy changes Microsoft can make, but doesn't.
AMD made some deep level changes to its power management from the tech white papers I have read. You could yurn up the dials but then power management goes out the window and that may eventually work against you in burst modes.
A little different but I felt like saying this.
Ask GM Ford and AMC/Chrysler during the 70's and 80's or Sears JCPennys or Montgomery Ward in the 90s or Yahoo and MySpace in the 2,000s
Hopefully, Apples refusal to quickly fix the butterfly keyboard design comes back to bite them.

I was using a brand new Macbook Air the other day and I truly was surprised.

The machine feels premium and the screen is great. I also was surprised just how snappy the machine felt even with just a mobile dual core.
However, the keyboard was literally the worst keyboard I have ever felt. Basically the least travel I ever have felt and virtually no feedback. The keys are not contoured at all so I had trouble finding the correct keys. I literally enjoy the RELIABLE keyboard of my old netbook I got for free more than I like the keyboard on this 1100+ laptop. I have used a 25b year old membrane keyboard from a compaq and i liked it more.

To add insult to injury, the butterfly switches fail so commonly that apple keeps having to recall machines with the butterfly switches and now lifetime warranties them but still refuses to fix the dang design. All of their new MacBook models with the same flawed design and they have known about this issue for many years.
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The butterfly keyboard issue reminds me of the ford pinto.

Ford knew their cars would blow up if rear ended, yet instead of fixing the problem they kept sellung flaws cars. They said it would br cheaper to pay the families of the dead victims of their design flaw than it would be fo fix the issue.

In the same repect apple knows their keyboard are prone to failure yet they still keep selling the laptops with bad keynoards. They find it cheaper to just pay to replace peoples dead keyboards that it is to fix the issue.
Round 2, FIGHT:

The key point here is this:

In their complaint, TSMC is demanding injunctions against GlobalFoundries, asking the courts to stop GlobalFoundries from making and selling chips using the allegedly infringing technologies. Which, given the broad nature of TSMC's claims, essentially covers all of GlobalFoundries' production lines in some form or another and would seemingly shutter GlobalFoundries manufacturing operations entirely. The company is also seeking "substantial monetary damages" for prior infringement.
Break out the popcorn.


AMD confirms that B550A is a refresh of B450 made for the OEM's only. The actual B550 chipset will be different.
Hopefully it will support PCIe Gen 4.
AFAIK, the real B550 specs have already leaked and it will only support PCIe 3.0, which is still an upgrade over older AM4 chipsets that only supported 2.0-speed downstream lanes. Really wanted to see 4.0 CPU link to reduce the likelihood of chipset bottlenecking, better luck on B650-series boards next year on that one I guess. It is still unclear whether B550 boards will be allowed to run host-based lanes at 4.0 speeds.



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