Antec 900 Fan


Apr 16, 2010
I disconnected all the wires to do some wire management and some dust cleaning. After reconnecting all the wires and turning on my computer the (front) bottom 120 fan isn't spinning. It was working before I disconnected all the wires so I know it isn't broken. The one above it, the one in the back and the top one is all working fine. It's just the bottom one.

Now, I'm not really smart when it comes to wiring. I opened my computer and checked 3 times and it seems all the wires are in place.

If possible, can someone tell me the exact wire I should be looking for that is connected to that fan so i can make sure its plugged in right? Cause I really have no clue. I don't have the manual or anything.

Trace the wire from that fan body to its power plug, then find a proper power connector, e.g., MOLEX 4-pin, or maybe a 3-pin on the motherboard - then plug it in.

Please do this with the computer's main power cord disconnected. After you've properly attached the fan power connector to the proper lead, reconnec the main main power cable and power-on the machine.


Dec 22, 2008

Hi Justasomeone,

I agree with what treefrog07 said. Before you do anything, make sure the computer power cord is disconnected. Trace the wire from the 120mm fan to the power plug and see if its connected. If its plugged in and its not working for some reason, I would switch and try it with another 4 pin connector just to make sure the current 4 pin connector isn't defective or anything. Please let us know how it turns out.