Any amusing April Fools?



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Footy related that is.

There were two Southampton ones (three if you include the Crouch for England
one - I mean he's doing great but it's only been a couple of months of form
and that doesn't get you an England place, unless your Emile Heskey in which
case the form doesn't even have to be on consecutive occasions, it can be in
your entire career). The first was a bit lame news article on the Saint
radio station suggesting a groundshare with Portsmouth, although they did
have the amusing comment about the pitch at St Mary's being rotated 180
degrees. The other was the one on the SFC website that was a bit more
origional. They said that Crouch has a rare genetic condition that is
causing him to keep growing, so part of the reason for his good form is that
he grew 2 incheses since the start of the season, and they reckon he could
reach 7ft before the end of it.

Both kinda obvious. But that seems to be the form of it these days, no one
dares risk anyone falling for it, that kinda defeats the purpose.