Arctic Cooling i30 or Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo


Jun 9, 2012
Hello, I have been deliberating to buy a new CPU cooler for my core i5 2500k and have decided on these two. The main reason I am wondering is because so many people recommend the Hyper 212 Evo as one of the best budget CPU fans but the i30 has a CFM of 74, which is not much higher then the Hyper 212 but still with a higher number should produce better cooling. Am I correct?

Which one should I go with?

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Performance Analysis
The Arctic Freezer i30's result in our LGA1155 system was nothing short of excellent. It was the best-performing air cooler on test with a load delta T of just 39°C. This was even enough to see off the Corsair H100 and H80 at their lowest fan speeds by several degrees, and also 1°C better than the Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro, which costs nearly twice as much. Only the all-in-one water-cooling systems on their medium and full speed settings managed to better it, and even then by just a couple of degrees.

In our LGA2011 test system, the Freezer i30 wasn't quite as spectacular, but it was still noticeably better than the Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro. Here it managed the same delta T as the Corsair H80 at its lowest fan speed setting, while the Corsair H100 saw our CPU report a delta T 7°C lower at its lowest fan speed setting, and 13°C lower at its full speed setting

We haven't tested many air coolers on LGA2011 yet, but the Thermaltake Frio Advanced was 6°C cooler than the Freezer i30. However, the Arctic was far, far quieter than the Frio, only making a mild din which wasn't even discernible above the graphics card and case fans we used. However, both the Corsair H80 and H100 were noticeably quieter.

The Arctic Freezer i30 was quite a result for the books. It's been a long time since Arctic has produced anything that's both affordable and effective, and the Freezer i30 has both of these qualities in abundance. It costs just £30, yet manages to keep up with with the big guns like the Corsair H80 on their low fan speeds, albeit with slightly more noise.

In fact, it barely costs any more than other good but affordable coolers such as the Gelid Tranquillo. If you're not keen on the idea of spending more than £30 on your CPU cooler, but still appreciate low noise and cooling prowess, we can thoroughly recommend the Freezer i30.


Sep 20, 2012

This is a very old post, but since I'm looking at this and other models to replace the crappy i7 devils canyon retail fan I'll comment here as the choices are still the same 2-3yrs later. Bear in mind the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo was NOT in the test you're quoting and looking at it vs. Noctua here:
I'll take the Cooler Master with 3207 newegg reviews 5eggs ($29.95 today $5 off) vs. 43 4egg reviews of i30 at $40. If you can't tell who the people prefer there, amazon shows much the same. Granted, the AF i30 isn't in the anandtech roundup but the Noctua is BARELY beating the Cooler Master and it's one of the best (the best?). The i30 CO (for 24hr operation supposedly) has 4 reviews at newegg and is $47. Again, I'll take coolermaster with more airflow (82.3cfm not 66cfm like old fan, this one goes to 2000rpm instead of 1600 vs. 74cfm) and far cheaper.

Note the Corsair H80 & 100 are in anandtech, and cooler master is doing better vs. them than Arctic does in bit-tech review vs. these two water coolers. Corsair H80 medium is beaten by cooler master in noise even at 100% speed by 4DB, where in bit-tech they say H80/100 was noticeably quieter than Arctic (so arctic would be far noisier than CM 212). I'll take the 6 degree delta in temps vs. H80medium if I win in db's by 4 (which puts me at noiseless according to anandtech). That would put the i30 around 4-5 degress better at worse than 4DB noise loss if anandtech had tested it. I won't notice the difference in 35 degrees vs. 40, but I'll hear that 4+DB difference all year long. I'm also not sure about the temp win for Arctic either, as there is a huge difference in socket 2011 vs. 1155 at bit-tech vs. H80medium. It would seem the 2011 socket cpu (pushed much harder) causes the huge delta with h80 medium, where the s1155 wasn't working as hard and the Arctic kept up. Anandtech was pushing a i2700k to 4.4 vs. bit-tech 2600k at 4.1. I'm thinking the 2700k is pushing harder and wouldn't show arctic doing as well, and would look more like s2011 bit-tech scores.

We know how good the noctua NH-D14 is, and cooler master is right on it's butt, where both are beaten by about the same vs. H80 medium. Arctic i30 is not better than a NH-D14, so I'd conclude Cooler Master Hyper 212 is better in noise by far, and equal or better in cooling considering how close (barely over 1 degree diff) it is to NH-D14 which costs $80 and has 2 fans (1x120+1x140 and two heatsinks and 1240gram weight! 1075 reviews 5eggs). Cooler Master wins IMHO.