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    Question Professional questions about Win11

    I am an IT manager with a lot of experience, going back to DOS 3.3. that's pre-windows for the younger folks :). Today a new group of systems came in with Win11 installed. Having extensive history with MS and knowing how they operate, I'm wary of being on their bleeding edge when it comes to...
  2. T

    [SOLVED] One Drive

    I just brought a laptop for convenience when I travel away from home. File synchronization is handy however what isn't and is rather frustrating is the fact that One Drive spits out everything I have on my Desktop PC onto the laptop. Its one thing when the Monitor is 32" and the laptop is 15.6"...
  3. TheFlash1300

    Question How do i get notification each time update is installed?

    How do i make my Windows 10 show me a notification each time after an update is downloaded and installed? Currently, updates are downloaded and installed without me knowing, so i must manually check the update history, so i can see what updates were installed and when they were installed. Is...
  4. TheFlash1300

    Question Will Windows Defender continue receiving updates, once Windows 10 is no longer supported?

    When Microsoft stops supporting Windows 10, will Windows Defender continue receiving updates, if it's installed on a laptop that uses Windows 10? If Windows Defender is independent software, and the support of Windows Defender is independent of the support for Windows 10, this means that even...
  5. Ivy Fridde

    [SOLVED] Sync to OneDrive

    We switched our users to OneDrive recently. However, we detected that OneDrive is unable to copy long path names and this is stopping the syncing of OneDrive agent? Microsoft states that OneDrive software does not support long path but OneDrive support said that OneDrive itself can support long...
  6. R

    Question I have to rebuild Windows 11 icon cache almost every day.

    Hi I've been trying to fix the icon cache permanently in Windows 11 for quite some time. I have found where other people have this problem but I haven't found a solution that works. What happening is when I open File Explorer the icons will be really small. They are smaller than the smallest...
  7. J

    Xbox Series X - Turns on then off again..

    I've posted on xbox forums and bestbuy forums, but they have too much control of what gets deleted.. The saga: I have had the XSX shutdown twice before mid game (warzone)... but I was able to reboot and continue on fine. Then the other day it did the same thing... but after turning it back on...
  8. consptheory77

    Question Surface Pro 7 vs Surface Go 3 ?

    I had the unfortunate experience of purchasing a used Surface Pro 4 last year, and it revealed itself as having the "flickergate" problem with the faulty display, and I can't use for more than 4-5 hours (with fan or AC cooling) at a time, or 2 hours (without). So I need to get a replacement...
  9. D

    [SOLVED] Bitlocker Warning

    This is just a warning to the community. I have a Surface Pro 3, installed the windows 11 Release preview on it some time ago. I only use local accounts, no online MS bs. I found my drive was encrypted with Bitlocker, when i tried to save the key it would not allow it. I was forced to sign in...
  10. mrmike16

    [SOLVED] Why am I getting a "PC needs to be restarted" notification upon booting my Surface 3 ?

    Hi everyone, I am using a Microsoft Surface 3 and recently, for some reason, I've been getting a notification upon each boot that says "Your PC needs to be restarted to finish setting up this device: Marvell AVASTAR Wireless-AC Network Controller". Clicking on it does nothing. Windows is up...
  11. mrmike16

    [SOLVED] Surface 3 with cracked screen and touchscreen function not working --- is it possible to fix?

    Hi everyone, So I have a Surface 3 that fell a few years back on it's corner by the hands of a 2 year old nephew. For years I've been using it as a netbook, because, incredibly enough, the screen still works. Microsoft's build quality does impress me, as I don't think an iPad would have...
  12. C

    Question Front-facing camera is freezing and jittery on brand new Surface Pro 7 ?

    I just opened a brand new Surface Pro 7 (i5, 8gb RAM, 128gb SSD) earlier today and was super excited until the time came to set up Windows Hello. I noticed that the window showing the camera feed during setup kept freezing and would get stuck at "stay in frame/hold your position" or something to...
  13. Iver Hicarte

    [SOLVED] GLITCH: Windows 10 Flashes for half a second then tabs become black and the desktop icons and the desktop itself becomes black

    I'm having issues with my Windows 10 recently, whenever I'm casually using my pc and while I'm editing, the display flickers for half a second then everything becomes black, the taskbar disappears, the tabs that are open are partially black and the only way to revert this issue is to hover the...
  14. B

    [SOLVED] Dell T7910 and Windows 11 -- Will a Dell T7910 run Windows 11?

    Hello, I have a Dell T7910 with DUAL processor (3.2Ghz and 6 cores each) with 128GB RAM. Microsoft Health Check says it can't run Windows 11 because its 3.2GHz processor with 12 cores isn't good enough. Yet, health check says it only need 1GHz and 2 cores. Isn't 3.2Ghz and 12 cores more...
  15. A

    [SOLVED] Windows dirty shutdown error log

    My computer has been unexpectedly shutting down for a few months now, and only recently did I finally decide to investigate the issue. This led me into event viewer in order to find the logs of the events, but I don't know what to make of them. I was hoping someone here could interpret for me...
  16. PlsHalpSmile

    Question Bootleg vers. of W10 Corrupted

    Pls halp me :) I was helping a buddy of mine diagnose his streamlabs crashing problems.... So I had him install visual c++ redistributables... ( ) He installed those and I also had him update his drivers. He...
  17. M

    xbox all access question

    what the purpose of xbox all access? is it giving me 24 months to pay off the system and giving me game pass as an incentive for that time? you won't need 24 months to pay off the system if it's $39.99 a month, is there something else involved?
  18. M

    Question Microsoft Teams on iphone question

    Hi. I use Teams on android and can pin one feed full screen by long pressing said feed and selecting pin. My friend can't seem to do this on iphone. I searched web but only found instructions for PC. I don't have a iphone so I can't troubleshoot it myself. Is there a trick to it that i can...
  19. L

    Question Why is Windows suddenly asking for username at log in ?

    It never asked me for username (in fact I don't have a Microsoft account), I find it so annoying, I always turn on the PC and that's it, but now since saturday it asks me for an username in order to log. I didn't edit system related stuff, never touched the Netplwiz thing or anything like that...
  20. itmesoham

    Question Can't sign-in in windows 10

    I booted up my PC today and it showed me this error on the signin screen, "The user profile service service failed the sign-in" I tried restarting still the error persisted. Then I turned off the PC and turned it back on after a couple of minutes and it's working fine now. Although I'm still...
  21. M

    [SOLVED] Microsoft Teams roles and permissions.

    Hello everyone! I'm a middle school teacher, and our school started to use Microsoft teams as a remote platform. I have been signed as an "owner" in each class I teach in the school, and the students as "members". the question is: am I the superior role in the team? or is there a higher "admin"...
  22. Andross64

    Question Why is Microsoft giving me a .exe file when I try to download the ISO for my OS?

    - Main drive that had the OS on it failed(everything was backed up so it's all good). - I go to the Microsoft page where you can re-download the ISO to reinstall the OS on your machine. - My code works fine but...... It gives me a .exe file even though the page says download ISO. - I need to...
  23. BillWiTheScienceFi

    [SOLVED] Possible microsoft 365 for lower price?

    I am curious to know if there is a website i can get microsoft 365 for a much lower price or even free like i did when i got windows for my new pc (got for much cheaper price and still works today). I just want to learn how to use them for potential job openings and thats it, but i don't want...
  24. Y

    Question How can i check my work account data, Microsoft Business Account

    Hey, I will keep it short and get straight to the point, i would like to view my data which are being collected just like i can see on my personal Microsoft account through this website It works fine to check my personal account data associated with it...
  25. M

    Question Dell ops 15 vs. Surface Book 3

    Hi Im in the market for a new laptop and have limited my options to 2 laptops. The xps 15 and the surface book 3 13 inch. The xps 15 has 16gb ram, 512gb ssd, 4k display with touch screen, i7 -10750H and a 1650ti. The surface book has 512gb ssd,32 gb ram, i7-1065G7, and 1650ti. Im looking for...
  26. LowEndPC1234

    [SOLVED] Driver Problem

    I was installing drivers normally, The driver installation did not fail but, The driver works if Driver signature enforcement is disabled by pressing F8 before windows logo appears, Any solutions ?
  27. geckovic02

    [SOLVED] Microsoft Flight Simulator stuck at the blue bar...

    Hey! I'm asking here for my friend (as he isn't that experienced with pc's): He recently bought the new Microsoft Flight Simulator on Steam. While installing the launcher onto his HDD on Steam, a disk write error occurred. After continueing the download until it installed, the next problem was...
  28. R

    Question Surface firmware update gone wrong - can anyone help make this public?

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but I'm not really sure where else this kind of thing can go. Please feel free to advise on what I can do here or if there is anywhere more specific I should be posting this. So here's the story: Microsoft published a firmware update for...
  29. D

    Question Windows 10 Update high CPU usage

    Windows 10 Update process named wuauclt.exe consumes about 20% CPU and if i try to shut it, it reappears but this time, it consumes even high cpu, min 70%. Hope you guys can help me with this cursed thing.
  30. G

    [SOLVED] Blue Screen of Death While Playing PUBG Mobile on Tencent Gameloop Emulator.

    Hello Every one ! I'll say the problem in Super full and boring detail hoping for specific answers that are straight to the point, and I hope you have the patience to read it to the very end to fully understand the problem, so, thanks in advance. first of all I'm using a "Lenovo Legion Y530...
  31. System32_76

    [SOLVED] Which Policies Are Safe To Enable & Disable? Group Policy Editor

    Hello everyone. I found out recently about the Group Policy Editor on Windows 10 Pro. I was looking through it and found out that there are a lot of policies that can be enabled and disabled in order for the user to increase the privacy and security on their computer. The question is, which...
  32. Camfred30

    [SOLVED] anything windows related on pc doesnt open

    for quite a while now, my pc hasnt been able to open any program that is windows related for example. Windows Settings, Microsoft store, anything that came with the pc as if you were to buy a new pc. the program just doesnt open when clicked on.
  33. [SOLVED] Razer Viper Mini VS Microsoft Wheel Mouse 1.1a

    Hi! Could someone plz explain this: I just bought the Razer Viper Mini. I also have a Microsoft Wheel Mouse 1.1a, locked with 400 dpi and 125 Hz and it is more then 15 years old! For some reason, the MWM 1.1a mouse feels more responsive in movements than the Viper Mini. What can this be due...
  34. E

    [SOLVED] Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable x64 setup failure

    Hi all, I'm having a very weird issue with my PC. One of the games I about installing needs Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 redistributable x64 in order to run/install correctly. The problem I am having is that I cannot get it to install. I keep getting the same error message over and over and have...
  35. R

    [SOLVED] Logitech f710 drivers not working on boot

    My logitech f710 seems to not load drivers when it boot up , before windows 10 1909 I was able to install the xbox 360 drivers and fix the issue but now even with xbox drivers it happens the same way , even if I let windows choose the best drivers is the same issue . So since I bought it I have...
  36. H

    [SOLVED] Why is download speed different to what it actually is?

    When downloading a game on steam or even on the Microsoft store, it will say something like 20Mbps but then when I look at the progress bar and see the "[insert amount of Gbs downloaded so far]/File size" I see that the amount of gigabytes downloaded so far is definitely not going up as fast as...
  37. System32_76

    [SOLVED] Activated Vs Unactivated Windows 10

    Hello everyone, I was wondering, what features cannot be utilized in an unactivated version of Windows 10? All I know is that the default wallpaper cannot be changed. I've looked up videos with the differences between activated and unactivated versions but the problem is is that most of those...
  38. S

    [SOLVED] Is windows 10 really going to be the last OS that microsoft will make?

    Is windows 10 really going to be the last OS that microsoft will make?
  39. atinesh.s

    [SOLVED] Safe place to buy Windows 10 key

    Safe place to buy genuine Windows 10 key
  40. patsisrael

    Question Office 365 ProPlus won't install

    Hi. My Office won't install and instead gets stuck at "We're getting things ready" splash screen and I tried almost every solution I found on the internet. I have an Office 365 Subscription that came with my University account, which is the one I used to download the installer for Office. I...