Arctic Silver 5 on Coolermaster 212 (exposed heat pipes)


Sep 11, 2009
Hi, I just installed my Coolermaster 212 on my i5-750. I applied AS5 according to the AS website's instructions, by doing a thin line across the processor, perpendicular crossing the 4 copper pipes.

Now I googled it up, and some people say you should spread some grease first along the sides of the exposed pipes because there's a small gap? It's contradictory to the AS5 instructions because that tutorial says always apply grease to the processor and never to the heatsink.

Should I redo it? Also come to think of it maybe I put too much, my line was way fatter than pictured. I don't see it leaking out the sides or anything. Also I may have knocked the fins a few times with the back of my hand while I was plugging in other parts. Kinda hard once actually, cause I had to yank out a power cable. Do you think that would introduce air bubbles in between?