Question Are my temps bad? 2080 super xc ultra


Nov 8, 2013
I’ve been getting upwards of 75-80 c temp on gpu with a hotspot temp of 105-106 when playing games like divinity original sin 2 and dinkum. I’ve only noticed because while I haven’t seen any throttling I’ve heard my fans randomly Ramp up and then back down within 2-5 seconds. This seems quite unusual. Nothing really changed besides me trying the gpu in my brothers pc when he was having issues and reinstalling it into mine again. If this is way to hot what could the cause be? Ive read it could be a thermal paste issue, which I was hoping would be last resort as I’m nervous about adding new paste since I haven’t done it before. Can the fact that I got an ultrawide 2k monitor a few months back cause it either or maybe I didn’t properly seat the card in when reinstalling the gpu? I have dusted the pc already and I don’t see any noticeable Sag to the Gpu.