are my temps too high?


Oct 29, 2007
I have an e2160 that, after making my cables all pretty, I decided to try and re-overclock it. It was never really stable at 3.0 GHz before. I never really tried to keep it stable - as long as I could play games, I didn't care if prime95 crashed after 5 minutes. However, since I really lowered the stock temps by cleaning and straightening my case (about 5-6 C), I wanted to bring it back up to 3 GHz (9x333).

My voltages are
CPU Vid Add: + 175 mA (~1.47 V)
NB voltage: 1.4 V
VTT: 1.4 V

My CPU temps during Prime95 average between 65-70 C according to SpeedFan. I'm running Vista Ultimate 64-bit.

Are these temps too high? It seems stable (It's been 3 hours so far), but I still am concerned it is too high. I was thinking of lapping my HS/CPU, since if it lowers my temps by 10 C like some people say it does then I can try for 3.2 GHz. Would this be feasible? I only have one case fan in my computer right now, but I have the side panel off and a really powerful tower fan that's blowing into it.


If that's the stock cooler then you can't expect it to work too well when overclocked and overvolted. Also lapping rarely drops temps by more than 1-2C. Some people get lucky, others spend far too long doing it but reap the rewards. Chances are you won't be in either category.


Oh sorry, didn't look at your sig, how foolish of me :D

Well that is a little warm for the settings you are running, but nothing dangerous or entirely abnormal. Try reseating the cooler to see if it gets any better. Replace the thermal paste too. Chances are you won't see a whole let better, but you never know until you try. :)