Question asrock z690 (flashed) won't post with gen 13 cpu

Jan 18, 2023
Doing a build with my son, and it's been ... a few years ... since I've done it for myself.
Went through the checklist on the sticky post.

Asrock z690 phantom gaming 4
Thermaltake smart 700W ATX 80 Plus PS
I5 13600K CPU
2x 16g corsair DDR4 RAM
noctua nh-u12s cooler
onboard video

First thing we did was flash the bios, which appeared to work after some trial and error (initially didn't work because I didn't have the MBR right on the usb image).
Then installed all the components and powered it up. The 2 case fans and the noctua fan all spin, but no video and the red LEDs on the motherboard are red for CPU and MEM.

Any advice?


Checking the QVL does nothing for you in regards to the RAM or CPU.
Only thing the QVL does is help you know if the motherboard manufacturer actually tested a specific model of RAM on the board themselves to guarantee it runs at it's rated XMP profile.
Otherwise any RAM will at the very least run with minimum standard specs which just means you don't run it with XMP.

First and foremost, flip the power switch on the power supply to cut the power, then unplug it.
Next, hold down the power button for 10 full seconds.

Now, make sure your memory is slotted in the correct slots (industry standard is A2/B2 and that is true for your motherboard as well) furthermore make sure they are seated correctly. Try removing them and reseating them.

Then make sure the CPU is correctly slotted in by just removing it and reseating it (will probably require you to redo thermal paste depending)

After that, you should have NOTHING plugged into the motherboard inside the PC.
No storage no nothing, just power connectors, RAM, CPU in the socket, CPU cooler fan header, and you can leave case fans connected to if you want. Connect the HDMI cable or what have you to the port on the motherboard and then into your display, and have a mouse and keyboard plugged in as well in the USB 2.0 ports on the back of the motherboard as well.
See if it'll post to the BIOS splash screen.
If so great, otherwise, you need to attempt to flash the new BIOS again.

To properly use flashback refer to the manual on PAGE 24 Phantom Gaming 4.pdf

It tells you what to do and shows you which USB port specifically to use as well.