Question Asus a55bm-plus boot from nvme issue

Jun 3, 2020
Hi All

Hoping anyone could help with this issue!

I'm having some problems with this FM2+ motherboard and i'm looking for advice before I completely lose my marbles! I have a Samsung Evo 960 500gb Nvme ssd connected through an adapter to the pcie x 16 port. I recently purchased this board from ebay and from what I can tell its fully functional. I had the exact same setup on my previous asrock fm2 board, using the same ssd and nvme to pcie adapter, but required more pcie slots, and not being a "heavy" gamer, decided to stick with a similar setup instead of spending a fortune upgrading to the ryzen/x570 route. The only thing that has chhanged is the board, ive kept the amd A8 6600k and same ram. I am able to find the drive when installing win10 through usb (win 10 media creation tool), and it lets me install it to the samsung drive. However, when rebooted to complete the installation with the usb drive removed it shows the following "the current bios setting do not fully support the boot device. Click Ok to enter the bios setup. Go to advanced > boot > csm parameters and adjust the csm settings to enable the boot device" I have toyed with all options in csm, through disabling to enabling in both legacy and uefi modes, with both secure boot enabled and disabled. Ive upgraded the bios to latest version also. Has anyone come accross this issue? Is there a way to enable m.2 ssd support, or bios/module updates im missing? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks