Sep 14, 2012
Hi, i just bought a DSL-N555. i bought it because i wanted the QoS and Port forwarding etc etc... i can find alot of tutorials on the net for other modems but this one i just cant get my head around. im new to qos and this kinda stuff so if someone could please explain (in lamesman terms) how i can make my computer have complete priority over everyone elses that would be great. I get half and hour of full speed torrent downloading in the afternoon at 550kbs, as soon as everyone gets home im downloading 50kbps max, most of the time lower. We sometimes get 12 devices hooked up to the modem at once in the afternoon. 6 iphones, 3 laptops, 2computers and then if my sisters boyfriends come over they decide to hook up there iphones too. so if someone could please help me it will be appreciated becuase its starting to drive me insane


Sep 29, 2012
QoS will only help somewhat, this router only has basic stuff. Even if you could run dd-wrt (which your router does not support) there is not much you can do.

The router assumes that outbound priority affect download speed which it does not in many cases but it is all you have to work with.

Define your IP as a group in the highest class. Make sure you remove any other groups if they exist so all other traffic is set to lowest. If you really want to make sure only you can use it you can also change the "lowest" group to have a maximum download limit.

Will it work who knows because the assumption the software works on is flawed when bit torrent or games are the things to be favored.