ASUS RT-n66u help


Apr 5, 2012
i have just bought to test this things range out at my house.

set up was a breeze but after of about 1-3 mins of connection it just stops

it says that i am connected to the router but when i go to the router page, it doesnt even pop up.

it has internet for a few minutes then just stops all the sudden

switched back to my old linksys router and it still works perfectly but still doesnt have the range i need.

Any help please?


Sep 22, 2012

I had the same problem. Worked with Asus tech support and ended up getting an RMA and getting a replacement for cost of shipping. Heads up, they take two business days to respond, and aren't too helpful when the serial numbers don't match their system exactly, which is a pain because the fives and sixes look alike on their labels.

NOTE: They ended up sending me a replacement installed with their notorious firmware version 0.72, but upgrading wasn't too difficult given that I could download the tools to flash an upgrade from their site using my prior router ahead of time.