Asus Striker II NSE


Nov 30, 2008
Im using a Asus Striker II NSE with a Q9300... I know the board is overclocking friendly but how "friendly" for some one that has never done it before?


Apr 23, 2008
Read the OC stickies in this forum, that should give you an idea how friendly most boards are to OCing. And no im not trying to be a smart ass, thats the best answer you will probably get.

OCing Friendly, may just mean it has several OCing options, or it may have an auto overclocking feature. I recomend not using that feature and doing it the old fashion way. As you can probably (can almost gurantee) get a better overclock doing it the old fashion way compared to the auto oc feature.

Though when you are trying to find a good setting, weither it be a max OC or the lowest amount of voltage you can use at your desired setting, I recomend doing a short 15min stability test to see weither you should proceed with it or change what is needed to be changed before you try to get it rock solid stable. This made my life easier to see how low of a voltage I can get my computer at 3ghz, I kept dropping the voltage to the point where it failed the 15min test and bumped it up 2 notches in the bios (forgot how much that equates to sadly) and proceeded to stress test it again and it turned out that was a good stable setting that lasted over 24h, at which timed I deemed it stable. Overall it took me a good 2-3h to find that setting, and I was gaming or watching TV during that time, so its not all that big of a deal to OC something. Just a word of the wise though, learn everything you can before OCing, so your nice and comfortable while doing it and DOCUMENT EVERYTHING, so you can go back and revert the changes you made.

This will help you find the max voltage and heat levels for your cpu.