Nov 16, 2004
Since the death of my athlon 1000, I have brought a athlon 1400 and a noise control silverado heatsink in an attempt to prevent the death of another amd processor. Recently, Motherboard Monitor said the cpu temp was 75 degrees Cel.

I checked all fan power lead connections and tested the cpu with another heatsink but worse.


Dec 31, 2007
The 1400 is the hottest AMD CPU ever made. The 200mhz version will burn you when you touch the heatsink. After-market cooling is a must with a well ventilated case. You have purchased the "Prescott" of the AMD line. :lol:

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Dec 13, 2001
What kind of thermal grease/paste are you using on these chips when you apply/re-apply the heatsink? Try going to something like Artic Silver and lay on just enough to create a thin film over the CPU die. It's only supposed to fill in the small air gaps between the two metal surfaces, not do all of the heat transfer. A utility knife blade works great for spreading it on thin & even.

Also make sure you're placing the heat sink on squarely & securely the first time. Remember socket A heatsinks are offset to one side, and the spring, clip, etc, needs to be putting most of the pressure directly over the CPU die. The die on your first chip may have been cracked by uneven pressure during installation (I've done it myself) or when/if the clip came loose from one end.

**Rubbing alcohol & Q-tips are great for cleaning heatsinks & CPU dies between applications**

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