Aug 18, 2008
I have a Toshiba laptop with the ATI HD3470 256mb chip. Using Mobility Modder I was able to get the new 8.7 drivers installed...however, the CCC still doesn't have any overdrive function.

The card changed from 3470 to 3450 with the new catalyst, btw.

The rated core speed is 680mhz...and the memory is 500mhz.
I have tried all the tweak programs including the ATI Tool no avail. They either fail to install ( couldn't find CCC !!) or in the case of the ATTool Beta....crashed immediately when trying to find max core or memory.
Is the problem with the HyperMemory? Intel Speedstep? The chipset PM965 ?
This laptop model is Toshiba A305-S6839, runs Vista and has the core2 duo 8100.
Is there any solution to increasing the clocks? I don't want an extreme oc...just a little bit would help


Oct 30, 2007
To be honest overclocking laptops isn't the best idea , i've tried and it causes more problems that it solves... Overclocking any GPU on it's own without a CPU overclock to accompany it, only gains a few FPS not even worth it for the aded heat involved and the noise that soon follows.

As for ATITool it doesn't particularly like laptop gfx cards much (didn't like my Amilio anyway). I doubt you'll be able to disable speedstep in the Bios... It isn't a great idea anyway if you intend on using your laptop as a mobile workstation/dvd player.

Bottom line it can be done, but the benefits are negligible. Either be happy with what you have or sell and get something more powerful :).