ATI Radeon HD 3650


Jul 4, 2009
oh man, check out this screen shot, this is what ae forums look like to me atm.


here's what I have tried:

-updating drivers (currently at 8.620.0.0) [apparently it's not digitally signed, though I downloaded the driver from the sapphire site...]
-clearing (card's)fan of any debris(none)
-re-seating the card(inspected chips for foreign dust/material
-checked monitor input pins(they are fine), AND the input ports on the card itself (dual-monitor support, both are fine)

Running Windows XP Pro
SPack 3
2gig processor and a gig of ram
(I thought by a longshot I may have needed disc space as I commit a decent portion to Virtual Memory, but after freeing ten gigs, this was obviously a hopeful guess :p)

Would really appreciate any advice someone may have. This was working fine last week. The only change I've made was putting a screw into the loading area for the card since i noticed one was missing and the weight of the card (its a heavy ol ah heck :p) 'looked' like it was drooping a little.

I must restate that it looks a lot like when an old nintendo cartridge gets dust in the card/or isn't properly inserted, causing sprite distortion. However, I have firmly re-seated the card several times and made sure to close the clip that holds it in tight.

Of course, I 'can' disable it and issues are resolved (but who wants to not use their video card you know? I have some series playstation to get to!!!)