Dec 8, 2005
what do u guys think a guy at best buy told me it was much more effective than the audigy 2zs but u never know with those guys.


Sep 18, 2005
Audigy 4 Pro has slightly better DACs than the Audigy 2 ZS, true, but also true is the difference is more or less meaningless given the type of speakers most people use for computer usage (aka, multimedia speakers). You might be able to tell the difference with bookshelf speakers with a digital amp, or even say the Klipsch RSX "computer speakers." But with most PC users spending as much or two or three times more on their soundcard than their speakers...

Well I think the best analogy is buying 93 octane fuel for a Honda Civic for 10 years rather than say, an equal expense of a Corvette with only 90-91 octane fuel. Most people spending massive cash on soundcards and running inexpensive speakers--that's fine, you can do anything you wan't--but giving false advice because buyer's remorse has subsided and saying it will double your speed if you pay for 93 octane fuel on your 110hp car is a long stretch. Get a more powerful car if you want to drive faster. It's a far more efficient way of going faster for the buck than feeding obscene octane fuel to a slow car.