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  1. WWP

    Question My right joystick goes faulty most the time

    Hello, I have a problem with my game-pads, I think it's a software problem. When first I launch the game, it works pretty good. But after playing like for 10 mins, the right joystick just doesn't work properly and like hangs to almost freeze that side of the controller, everything else works...
  2. J

    Question Windows 10 Steam UI Build

    I am creating a gaming build for my father for father's day. He would like to use the system like a console where he would only need to use a controller to access his steam user account (different from admin). I'm wondering if there is a way to create a custom way to login to Windows 10 with an...
  3. J

    [SOLVED] Can any processor use any type of RAM as long as the motherboard supports it?

    Can any processor use any type of RAM (DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, DDR5) as long as the motherboard has the correct socket for the type of RAM? Or is it dependent on the memory controller in the CPU?
  4. L

    Question Headset cuts out audio when a usb controller is plugged in the PC

    I don't see this problem existing anywhere so I'll try to include all details. I'm trying to play Mortal Kombat 11 on PC with a usb controller plugged in. The controller is a PS4 controller and it's connected with a usb cord. I believe I just confirmed this but whenever there's a USB controller...
  5. K

    Nacon revolution pro 2

    Does anybody know if you can use a nacon revolution pro on your pc?
  6. bit_user

    Discussion Article: Oculus Controllers Tell Users 'Big Brother Is Watching You'

    The author seems of the story (,39064.html) to miss the point that the messages were aimed at people reverse-engineering the controllers. That's why they were inside, where normal users wouldn't see them. When seen...
  7. H

    Question help me pls !!

    i bougth 5$ controller to my pc to play some fifa but the controlls are reversed , i mean when i try to run with RT it doesnt run and i need to tap RB to run but also it says me in the game "TAP RT TO RUN" what can i do beside buying a nongeneric controller ?
  8. FlashGuard

    Question Turn off windows FOCUS

    So me and my roomate want to play ESO. my pc can run both clients with no issue. The only issue is that i am trying to play using a keyboard and mouse. While he is playing on a gamepad (360 controller) Anyway. i cannot play at the same time due to something in windows known as Window Focus. In...
  9. R

    Question Having problems with my Xbox one controller on my PC

    Hello, I've been having issues turning on my controller while on PC, it's an Xbox one controller that needs to be wired. I plug it in, and there's a small light right above it's power button that turns on. But when I go to turn the controller on nothing happens. I've tried uninstalling it and...
  10. tehadop

    Question Pc not detecting dualshock 4 controller

    So I have connected my ps4 controller to my pc via micro USB. It does not show up in devices and printers, there is no controller option at all. It does not detect in steam or ds4 windows. I cannot connect with bluetooh, as for some reason my pc has no bluetooth option to turn on. I have tried...
  11. T

    Question Xbox controller causing FPS drops?

    So I have a wired Xbox 360 controller that I use for a couple of games (mainly Forza and NBA) on my Windows 10 PC. It's been working totally fine since I got the controller, which was about 2 years ago. A couple of days ago I was playing some NBA and it was working totally fine. Later that day...
  12. BarniChoco

    Question Ksifos Wireless Controller on PC issue.

    Hello Recently I bought a wireless third party controller for gaming on PC "Spartan Gear - Ksifos Wireless controller for PC-PS3". Now my problem is that Windows detects the controller as an Xbox360 controller when the controller itself looks more like a ps3 controller and it has ps3 buttons...
  13. J

    Question RGB Controllers?

    So I found this RGB controller on AliExpress because it's cheaper than the RGB Controllers in the US (on a budget). I've also never had problems with any products from China on AliExpress. So I was wondering how this RGB controller will work because from the page...
  14. L

    Question How can use general ethernet driver if official drivers aren't accessible?

    Hi! I have a little problem with an old ITX pc. It has a IPXLP-MB mobo (Dunno much else about it). I can't find drivers for it, and for my pci ethernet card to. Were different linux distros on it, everything went fine, i had lan and wifi (with dongle) without drivers needed to install, cuz all...
  15. B

    Question Building New PC, Small Fire, Questions [SOLVED]

    Built a New Computer, Small Fire, Need Advice [Final Update] Got a new motherboard, installed everything again (new cooler since the last two melted), and every thing works perfectly. Ran memtest overnight and didn't find any issues, CPU only gets to around 55c while gaming (Metro, Monster...
  16. J

    Question WHEA issue

    Hello, I've been having issues with a WHEA-Uncorretable_Error. I've been thoroughly trying to narrow down the issue and I cannot seem to figure it out. I've attempted to try and get into safe mode, but my computer locks up before it can safely even get to the screen. I've tried booting with...
  17. A

    Question Monitor Becomes Fuzzy and Stops Working

    Hello everyone, I noticed when I came back to my computer after a break one of the monitors was fuzzy. By this I mean that it appears as if the details of every other line of pixels shifted one pixel to the right or that the image itself was copied and shifted over one pixel so that every...
  18. M

    WTB Vega 56 Nano

    Looking to buy a Powercolor Vega 56 Nano. Will pay $400+ shipping.
  19. T

    Question What to do with 2011 iMac?

    iMac 21.5-inch Mid 2011 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 Mac HD AMD Radeon HD 6750M 512 MB Very slow and laggy. I ran the test where I hold restart and hold down D. Did some rendering, I think a ram test and then tells everything is fine. Options are to upgrade the harddrive and RAM...
  20. H

    Question question on VPNs

    asking this one for a friend, what do you all think is the best VPN service to use, i like Express VPN, but my buddy uses TunnelBear, what's everyone's thoughts?