Question New XboX Series X Controller Issue with Windows


Dec 15, 2018
Hi guys!

I have a problem with my new Xbox Series X controller.
If i play FIFA , the down direction button get stucked, not physically, i do not touch the controller and ingame seems like i push the down button permanently.
I returned the product and the shop changed it, and have the same issue with the new controller too.
In other games this problem is not exist.
Somebody have the same exprencie with the new controller? Maybe it is a software issue?

Thanks for any further help!


Did you follow steps outlined in this guide;

Mind stating where you source the installer for FIFA from? Also, which version of FIFA are you playing? Given that the issue is non existent on other titles and if peripheral/controller calibration doesn't show the down direction button being depressed, then the issue is with the game itself. Might want to also state the specs to your build, the BIOS version for your motherboard, the version for your OS(assuming you're on Windows 10) and the method by which the controller is paired to your desktop.