Automatic network adapter switching by port or addresses


Nov 9, 2012
Hello. Is there any solution for automatic switching between wired and wireless network connection?

In my work we have two option for connection to network. Wired for working but with blocked pages like youtube and other streaming media. And wireless for visitors which haven't blocked any pages but I can't do my work on it.
Can I by connected to both and some utility will doing switching between them? I want to use streaming and be connected to wired network which has blocked streaming.

Thanks for help
not simple you will have manually tell the machine which network to choose.

First problem is be sure you can have 2 nic active in the machine at the same time. Some bios try to help stupid people and disable the wireless if you plug in ethernet at the hardware level.

Now the hard part.... You can only really have one default route. So on the interface that has more networks (i would suspect the internet) you want to have a default gateway. On the other interface you must now manually put in routes how many depend on your network. For example let say your work network uses for your subnet with the gateway being And then lets say your company uses and for other location. You would need to do from a cmd prompt
etc etc etc hopefully you don't have a lot.

Be sure the second interface DOES NOT have a gateway address defined.

You may also have DNS issues if your company uses a internal DNS server that does not resolve outside addresses. Like default gateway you can really only have one DNS server. If you have the choice between a internal only one and a external only one the only way to make it work is to use the external one and manually hardcode entries for all the internal sites in the HOST file on your machine...big pain

In generally this configuration is against most corporate policy. The theory being you could load something from the internet that would connect the 2 networks together...unlikely since its hard to do that even if you want to .... but that is the theory IT will give if they disallow it.