Best Affordable Intel processors in 10k -15k range ?

Well then, $200-$300 here probably would be the Core i7 920 or 930. Depends on how much markup there is in India. If those are out-of-budget the Core i5 750 is a bit lower.


Jan 7, 2013

Hi I am bharath and I live in India

i5>i7 in gaming

FOR I5 - Just wait this year for the Intel i5 4570k (the 4th gen code-named 'Haswell' and the successor for the i5 3570k) to be launched this year (2013).If you can't wait buy the i5 3570k.Best processor model of the i5.I have the link below

i5 3570k-

Rs 14,931

FOR I7 - In this budget,trying to get an i7 is not a good idea (You will get the First gen model which is slower and older) because you are seeing the i5 3rd gen,a better and a newer processor in all terms (Even in your price range) !! ALL THE BEST !! THANK YOU !!